Sunday, April 29, 2007

Update on my Nephew, Braxton

So many of you have been emailing to ask about my little nephew, Braxton and how he's doing after his accident.

Braxton is the 4 year old son of my sister Missy and brother-in-law Gerald Miller. They also have a 6 month old son named Caden. They live in northeastern Ohio.

Braxton was injured in a lawn mower accident on Tuesday, April 17th. In this accident, his big toe and next toe on his left foot were severed. The next two toes were also broken. His foot also sustained a severe laceration breaking several of the small bones on top. His tibia (leg bone) was broken also.

After a reconstructive surgery, the specialist was not able to save the severely damaged big toe and it had to be amputated. The next toe was reattached and the cut sutured and broken bones set in his foot and leg. He is now wearing a bright red hip cast that you can see in the pictures. He will wear that for a month then a knee cast for 3-4 more weeks.

The biggest challenge in caring for Braxton right now is the dressing changes on his amputation. These have to be done twice a day. Because of this area being considered a dirty wound, there is more risk of infection and these dressing changes are absolutely a must. Of course, it is difficult for my sister and brother-in-law to handle constantly changing and disturbing the area, but they must in order to avoid infection.

He will continue to visit the doctor every week to have the amputation site checked. The hope is that new skin will grow and skin grafts will not be necessary.

By the way...all of the stuffed animals on his bed are the "friends" that got him through the 4-day stay at Akron Children's Hospital. They all had a special place they were supposed to lay. Even the nurses learned really quickly which way they were supposed to lay and would tell the next shift nurse how to lay them to where he was comfortable. Sometimes they had to dig through the "friends" to get to the IV stuff.

Braxton is a brave little boy and has been through a horrific ordeal. He is doing well and and is handling the news of his amputation and accident amazingly well. It is, of course, up to my sister and brother-in-law to present this news in a way that will not devastate him even though their hearts are breaking.

Missy has asked that I thank everyone for your prayers and support. There is no way they would be making it through right now without prayer. She also asks special prayer for Gerald - he is struggling to deal with all this, as you can imagine.

If you would like to send Braxton a get-well card or well wishes, you can do so at or at their mailing address: 4200 Alabama Ave. NW North Lawrence, Ohio 44666

My heart has been with my sister and family since this happened. If there were any way possible that I could go to help, I would. It's at times like these that I feel every mile that separates us. Salamanca, Gto. Mexico feels like a million miles away from North Lawrence, Ohio.

So that's the update I have right now.
Thanks for caring and for praying for Braxton.


Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Snellings' Visit

Well, let me try to update you on the wonderful time we had while the Snellings were here. First of all, we were very disappointed that the Craycrafts could not come, and we are already planning their rescheduled visit!

When Brian and Janella arrived on Friday night, we enjoyed a meal together in our home, then just visited and spent some time catching up since we hadn't seen each other for many months.

On Saturday, we visited the market here in Salamanca, took lots of pictures (this can be said about every day) and then ate supper at La Herradura - those delicious tacos al pastor. They loved them as you can tell!

On Sunday we all attended the HIM church here in Salamanca together, enjoyed lunch here in our home with Philip and Collette Burch, then attended the Sunday night service at our Bible Methodist Church in Cuchicuato where Bro. Refugio Sanchez is the pastor. Jacob wasn't feeling well on Sunday, so at the end of the service, so Bro. Sanchez asked if we would bring Jacob to the front to have special prayer for him. It was a really neat time.
We gave the church children several copies of the Jesus, My Very Best Friend book and you can see that they were pleased to receive them.

On Monday, we went with the Burches and Snellings to Guanajuato, a beautiful town about an hour from Salamanca. We had fun looking around at the colorful buildings and walking the streets.
After that we drove many miles up the mountain to see the Cristo Rey, the huge statue of Jesus that marks the geographical center of the country of Mexico. We thought we would never get there up the very winding mountainous dirt roads but we made it and it was worth the drive. The view from the top was incredible.

Tuesday was spent relaxing and visiting here at home, enjoying a delicious meal at the Burches' home, then driving about an hour or so to the Volcano. What a cool experience - we all just loved it. This was our first time to visit this particular volcano. We walked through a tunnel (1/3 mile long) and came out in this amazing inactive volcano. You can check Cameron's post "Cool Volcano" for pictures of this. The kids had a blast running and playing around in the "moon dust".

Wednesday, we were hosted for a delicious Mexican meal and fellowship by our Bible Methodist Institute President and wife, Eli and Isela Balderas. She made incredible tamales - everything she fixes is delicious but she outdid herself this time. We ate and ate, while Spanish and English were flying around everywhere. What fun!

Thursday morning was a sad time as the Snellings packed and loaded our van and Marc drove them to Mexico City to catch their return flights. There is no way we could thank them enough for taking time out of their busy lives to come here and bless us with a visit. We were so encouraged and uplifted through their fellowship and friendship. Thanks, Brian and Janella, Jacob and Jenna. We love you!

Marc and Melodie and boys

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cool Volcano

Hi, everybody - this is Cameron again. The pictures you are about to see are of an inactive volcano that we explored with my brothers and my friend, Jacob Snelling. It was the coolest thing that I have seen since I moved to Mexico. We walked through a tunnel that was 1/3 mile long, then we came out in the volcano. It was massive and amazing! In the bottom of the crater/volcano is all this white dust or dirt. It looked and felt like I was on the moon.

I had a ton of fun with Jacob and Jenna, but they had to fly home today. And I already miss them. (Logan - - says, "So do I)

If you come visit me, we can go explore the volcano together.
Until next time....

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Brian, Janella, Jacob, and Jenna Snelling

We are having an awesome time with our friends, the Snellings, from our church in Franklin. They are here visiting us for a few days and what fun we have had.....Here they are in front of our home in Salamanca. More pics and details later!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Home.....Where is Home?

Maybe I’m not the only one with this question floating around, always important, although sometimes difficult to answer.

There are some wonderful places that I have called home. My first home memories take me to a beautiful, white, 2-story house on the outskirts of Cincinnati, OH. However, the memories are sketchy. I remember the Ohio River that snaked along in front of our house. I remember an asphalt patio where my sister and I rode our tricycles. I remember a steep driveway that we could NEVER run down to chase our ball – our driveway emptied onto busy River Road. I think I remember red shag carpet in our living room (what were we thinking?) but really, that’s where the memories drag to a stop. However, one thing I do remember with great clarity – I felt safe and loved and cared for and it was home.

Most of my growing up memories took place in Bible Methodist parsonages in Alabama. Home for me has even been several different travel trailers – our homes while my family traveled in evangelistic work. Home? A travel trailer? Oh, yes! It was definitely home. Many happy memories, meals shared, and family altars made sure of that.

I have called a GBS dorm room my home. My first home as a wife could never be forgotten. An attic-level apartment on the God’s Bible School campus, 3 rooms shared with the man of my dreams – my very first homemaking attempts. Then I had the wonderful privilege of moving into and decorating a beautiful, brand-new 5-bedroom parsonage in Franklin, OH. In many ways, I felt I had finally come home. And I had - until June of 2005.

God’s plan for my life led me to make my home in places I had never dreamed of – on the border of Texas and Mexico, in the Rio Grande Valley. The heat, the bugs, the constant wind whipping through my hair – it was a world away from Ohio. I struggled to make this new place my home, even though I knew it was nothing more than a stopping-off place before arriving in a foreign country and facing the real challenges that lay before me. But surprisingly, a cinder-block apartment became home for me and I said goodbye to it and that hot valley with regret.

And now…..where is home? Well, I live in a beautiful house in Salamanca, Guanajuato, Mexico, on a street called Way of the Arches, and house number 121A. Little by little, I am growing accustomed to this new place, and new way of life. My husband and my boys are with me, I feel safe and loved and cared for; this is where God wants me to be – the feelings of “this is home” will come. I just have to be patient.

But what is God teaching me through this? What is His purpose, His plan for so many different places to call home? Could it be?…..He is showing and reminding me in ways I can understand that this world truly is not my home. He is preparing a home for me that I can’t even begin to imagine. Heaven is the Home I was made for, not these places I’ve called home.

I love the poet’s words:

Remember, this is not our home
We just lived here for awhile.
A place to live and laugh and love
Making memories as a child.
Our real home waits on the other side
Where our treasures lie in store.
No need to grieve for this old place
For Heaven holds much more.

I long to go home, to my real Home – the one I was made for.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

Our 3 growing boys in front of our house

We wish each of you a Blessed Easter Sunday. We had a wonderful day here in Salamanca, celebrating the Lord's resurrection and enjoying time with friends and family.

Our April newsletter is now available for you to read at It contains a report and pictures of Marc's recent trip to Oaxaca. You will find it listed under the Files section.

Until next time.....

Marc, Melodie & boys

My friend, Ervin

Hello, everybody. This is Cameron Sankey here. Here is a picture of me and my friend, Ervin.
He is my best friend here in Mexico. It's fun to talk to Ervin - I practice my Spanish with him and he practices his English with me.
This picture was taken on the way to our house after church this morning. We had a great Easter Sunday. Ervin's family and our family ate with the Burches at their house - it was delicious.
So far, I like being a missionary kid. I love making new friends and little by little, I am getting used to the food here. (But I still miss Skyline Chili!)
My email address is Send me an email anytime!
Happy Easter to all!
Hasta luego.....

Thursday, April 5, 2007

To See and Hear Like He Does

Thoughts of a new missionary.....

What is she saying?” My mind whirls and spins into overdrive, trying to keep up. I’m not catching it all, but I’m getting the gist. My Hispanic friend is pouring out her heart to me, knowing I don’t understand very well yet, trying to talk more slowly but losing the battle as she finally finds ears to listen to what she’s needed to say for so long.
But why me?” Lord knows I’m the greenest missionary wife ever and though I long and ache for easy communication between friends, I am challenged greatly to participate in this long-awaited conversation.
“Why now?” It’s not like we haven’t talked before, but I sense an urgency in her voice that tells me true communication is happening and I better keep up. We’re not discussing the weather, nor Mexican food, nor her children – but a sensitive subject that is near to her heart.
Lord, help me!” Tears form in her eyes and her voice quivers and my heart reaches out across the language barrier and embraces her – so do my arms. I am understanding what her heart is saying to me, even though I’m not catching every single word. I am sympathizing with my sister who feels this situation as deeply as any I’ve ever felt. I am remembering that skin color and language make no difference in our Heavenly Father’s eyes – He hears and He understands perfectly.
And He helps me take another heavy block off the language barrier wall and fills my heart with a love I’ve not felt before, a love new to me, but strong enough to grip me and change me in ways I need to be changed. To open my eyes to a whole new world – a world to which He’s called me but for which I feel totally inadequate.
“Te amo, mi amiga – estoy orando por ti” And it hits me – how much I do love her and how this encounter will take me to my knees to pray for her in a whole new way.
Oh, Lord, to see and hear like You do.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Marc is home

The boys and I picked up Marc at the bus station today a little after noon - were we ever glad to see him! He looked exhausted and a little travel-worn from his almost 16 hour bus ride, but he sure looked good to us.

We'll be posting a report with pics of his 3rd trip to Oaxaca - here and in our April newsletter that is coming soon.

I'm so glad he's home - I don't do well being Mom and Dad at the same time....