Saturday, May 23, 2009

2nd Scrapbook Party

Last night, we had our 2nd Mexican Scrapbook Party at the Dining Hall of our Saltillo church. There were roughly 20 people in attendance, including some children. We had a wonderful time again! I made 60 mini pizzas, took chips and pop and a strawberry cake for the ladies and spread out my scrapbook supplies and tools for the ladies to use again this time. Beth, my missionary co-worker and sister in law, was able to be present and also brought lots of her scrapbook tools and supplies for the ladies to use. My friend, Tere, helped me again, making announcements for the event and Sylvia helped with set up. Thanks everyone - Gracias a todas!

Since Beth, Steve and Kent are leaving in just a few days for their Share Support Tour, I asked Beth to speak to the ladies last night, to share from her heart, her thoughts, etc....afterwards, Sis Ofelia (Pastor's mother) read Scripture and Tere led us in a special time of prayer for Beth - that God would strengthen her for the task ahead and keep her safe while she's gone from us. After we prayed, we sang a chorus together: "Estoy Confiando, Senor, en Ti"...I'm Trusting, Lord, in You...the Lord's presence was there as we sang together and expressed our faith and trust in Him - our faithful God.

Here are a few pictures of our evening.

A few of the pizzas I made.

Beth, speaking to the ladies.

Some of my SB supplies and tools ready for use.

The time of prayer for Beth - not everyone fit into the picture.

In this picture, you can see Pastor Dolores and his brother Raul in the background, sitting in the kitchen...enjoying a few pizzas and watching the proceedings. We gave them a little hard time about coming to the SB party with their wives...they just smiled and stayed put. :)

Mother and daughter working together...

Marlene, using my SB tools...she and Jazhiel enjoyed setting many eyelets during the course of the evening. :)

Sisters working together..

Mother and daughter working together (Sis. Ofelia and Tere)

Beth helping the "littlest scrapbooker", Jocelyn

I just love this picture of Sis. Felicitas, scrapbooking. These hands that have worked hard, fixed meals, cared for 13 children of her own and numerous grandchildren...these hands are now learning something new - scrapbooking. How precious!

Daughters, mother and grandmother - scrapbooking at the same table.

Some finished products:
Karla showing her layout of her and her friend.

Jazhiel proudly displaying his layout of himself!

Sis Ofelia made a very neat page...she put a photo of her and her husband, Pablo in the center of the page, then placed the pictures of all their children around the outside. I thought it was so creative.

Marc and the boys had GNO (as they call it - Guys Night Out) while I was gone. They could hardly wait for me to leave. :-)
I have so much enjoyed the SB parties and I believe the ladies have, too...we plan to keep on having them, hoping to fit in at least one during our very busy summer and resume with monthly activites in the fall.
Thanks to all of you who have told me you're sending supplies, etc...we need them! :) Looking forward to sharing your items with the ladies. I told them last night that several ladies in the north were sending things to share with them - they were very happy to hear it.
Enjoy your weekend!


Tamra said...

Loved the photos of your fun SB night! Miss you!

June Robinson said...

What a great idea. The scrapbook party looked like so much fun. I too am a scrapper and know how much fun it is to get together. Let me know what type of supplies you are needing and I will see what we can do for you.

Tim&Ette said...

Great job with all the scrapbooking..!! I love to scrapbook and is hard to find the time to do it now. I'm not sure if you hear yet but I'm coming to Mexico on the missions trip from Kenwookd Church! I'm so excited... if you want me to bring something please let me know!!

Missy said...

I am so proud of you. You are a great missionary and I think that this is such a wonderful idea that you have started. Very cool!!! Love you and "hope" to see you in a few days!!!! (hint, hint!) 8-)