Thursday, July 29, 2010

Heartland Youth Camp 2010

We were so thankful to get to attend and participate in Heartland BM Youth Camp again this summer! Such a blessing to our family!

Logan had so much fun playing with his buddies, Jacob Snelling and Kenton Gurnee.

And here's Cameron studying Scriptures with his team. Jacinda Cravens and Jac Crawford were great coaches for Cameron's team - the Patriarchs!

Marc enjoyed announcing the Stars vs. Stiffs game again this year. Randy Brown was his able assistant. :-) (Randy and Tanya were awesome coaches for Jordan's team - the Prophets!)

Jordan made the All-Stars Softball Team this year - so proud of him. He did a great job playing!

It was so great to worship together and feel God's presence in the services. Scenes like this make every penny of expense to get here worth it!

I had fun helping with the Snack Bar and working with Jane Livengood again this year. Also being with lots of wonderful friends! And so glad Marc got to be with us this time - we missed him last year!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Weavers' continuing ministry

In just a couple days, the Weavers will be completing their month of ministry in Mexico. Here they are singing a special song last night at our church in Saltillo.

Nathan with another completed project - a rain shelter on the Saltillo parsonage roof.
Thank you, Nathan for all your hard work this month - such a blessing!

Last night at church Pastor Dolores and church people came forward to thank the Weavers for their ministry - it was a very special time. They were asking them to please come back soon!

If you are my friend on Facebook, you will be able to view the photo album "Weaver Family Summer Ministry" to find lots more photos and descriptions of their month of ministry.

If we are not Facebook friends, I would love to be. :-) Look me up - Melodie Sankey

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Weavers are here and ministering in Mexico...

My sister Myranda, her husband Nathan and their children, Treyton, Jackson and Jada have arrived here in Mexico and we are loving having them here! They are spending this month in ministry: remodeling/construction, ladies ministry, music ministry, and more.

Here they are leaving the Immigration Office at the Mexico border - all smiles! Ready to enter Mexico!

The day after they arrived - Father's Day - our church in Saltillo had a special program and meal for all the fathers. It was a very special time.

Cameron reading his part in the program.

On Sunday evening, we visited our church in San Rafael. Myranda fell in love with the adorable grandaughter of Pastor Alejando.

The next day we began the remodeling project in La Boca and Myranda and I started this module of English classes.

Beginning work on the La Boca church project...replacing the worn out, damaged stucco on the exterior adobe walls. Hard work in the hot sun, but the team did a great job.

Nathan, Logan, Kent, Jordan and Steve....Marc was taking the picture.

Mixing concrete mud by hand...not an easy job.

My little guy, taking a break. Logan would rather work than play....seriously!

Jada helping me make cookies at our house.

One evening the 3 missionary families - Sankeys, Stetlers and Weavers enjoyed a delicious chocolate dessert made by Myranda on our back patio.

We took a day to relax and look around the city, etc. We went to the slide park - a must! So much fun. LOVE the look on Cameron's face!

I think Nathan made air on this jump!

Marc and the boys taking a break in the park.

We enjoyed a delicious supper at the home of Sis. Chelo and Bro. Lupe. Nathan and his family are long-time friends of theirs - and the chicken flautas were second to none.

After supper we went to the Mirador - the lookout over the city. This is Saltillo at dusk...nothing prettier.
I liked this shot of the boys against the night sky. So thankful for these 3 blessings from God.
Myranda's and my kids.....MKs are great!

We spent the 4th of July weekend on the border with plans to work at one of our churches and attend an area rally. Those plans had to be cancelled due to the violence and threats of more violence surrounding the Mexican elections on Sunday.

We have also been dealing with the after effects of Alex...damage from the flooding along the routes we take to and from the border - which has resulted in a little more time on the border than we had planned.

We received news this afternoon that the free road is open from Monterrey to Saltillo and we are planning to leave in the morning and head back home. We would appreciate your prayers as we travel over roads that have been damaged and are in the process of being repaired.

Thanks for your prayers!