Monday, July 12, 2010

The Weavers' continuing ministry

In just a couple days, the Weavers will be completing their month of ministry in Mexico. Here they are singing a special song last night at our church in Saltillo.

Nathan with another completed project - a rain shelter on the Saltillo parsonage roof.
Thank you, Nathan for all your hard work this month - such a blessing!

Last night at church Pastor Dolores and church people came forward to thank the Weavers for their ministry - it was a very special time. They were asking them to please come back soon!

If you are my friend on Facebook, you will be able to view the photo album "Weaver Family Summer Ministry" to find lots more photos and descriptions of their month of ministry.

If we are not Facebook friends, I would love to be. :-) Look me up - Melodie Sankey

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Candlelight said...

I sent you a friend request on FB awhile ago,but everytime I check it still says it's pending.I'm friends with Marc and I'd love to be friends with you too.My family and I attend Muirs church in Warren,OH. We haven't met yet,but I am familiar with you all and your ministry.I think when you were in Warren it was on a Wednesday.We usually can only make it on Sunday mornings.We'd like to go to church more often,but we live about 40 min.away and with gas prices so high we just can't afford it.Occasionally we'll catch more than one service a week,but unfortunately it's rare.Also,we have your Seekers of Your Heart project you and Marc did with your sister and her husband.We got it through EFM.I love that cd.Well,I hope we can friends on FB.