Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kenwood BMC Work and Ministry Team

We are so excited to announce the soon arrival of our GBS Missions Intern Brennan Muir on Monday, June 1, the arrival of a 9 person Work and Ministry Team from the Kenwood, OH Bible Methodist Church on June 23 and the arrival of Marc's cousin, Matt Linko from PA on the same day.
Brennan will be ministering here with us in Mexico for 6 weeks! The Kenwood Team and Matt will be here for one week and what a full week it is promising to be! Our main Work Project focus will be the complete renovation of our BM church in Santa Apolonia where Pastor Jose and his family have recently moved to pastor. Part of the Team will also be working with Pastor Dolores to complete the Saltillo Parsonage Project. Our Ministry possibilities include a medical check-up clinic, music classes, preaching/singing and more!
Please help us pray that God would supply the needed funds for the Work and Ministry Team and for His spirit upon us as we work and minister during this special week. Watch for pictures of the team and what God helps us accomplish!

Mexican Vacation Bible Schools

Many of our churches are gearing up for their summer Vacation Bible Schools. Some of them have their theme already chosen and are already working on visuals and songs to use during these special weeks of ministry.

I know that most of them are sadly lacking in supplies - pencils, erasers, pens, markers, scissors, glue, construction paper, Bible story coloring books, stickers - just basic Sunday School supplies.

If you'd like to be a blessing to your Mexican brothers and sisters and send supplies to help support them in their VBS efforts, I know they would so much appreciate it. This is a wonderful project to involve your children or youth group in. All supplies can be shipped to our TX address:
Melodie Sankey
2112 W. University Dr. PMB 1122
Edinburg, TX 78539

Most of the VBS sessions will be held in June or July, so we would need those supplies as soon as reasonably possible. If you're interested in participating, please email me at melodiesankey@yahoo.com

Thank you!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

LABI graduates

We had such a wonderful day at the District Rally in Galeana today - I have so many pictures and details to share with you.

But to whet your appetite, let me just share this one great picture with you. After the 2nd service, Marc asked the former LABI students who were present to gather for a group picture. I think it turned out so wonderful. These are just fantastic people and wonderful friends of ours and co-laborers in ministry here in Mexico. Former LABI teachers and staff, do you recognize these faces?

We are planning to print out and frame this photo as a gift for each person in the picture. Thank the Lord for the godly influence of Latin American Bible Institute in the lives of these precious students, now raising their own families to serve God.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

2nd Scrapbook Party

Last night, we had our 2nd Mexican Scrapbook Party at the Dining Hall of our Saltillo church. There were roughly 20 people in attendance, including some children. We had a wonderful time again! I made 60 mini pizzas, took chips and pop and a strawberry cake for the ladies and spread out my scrapbook supplies and tools for the ladies to use again this time. Beth, my missionary co-worker and sister in law, was able to be present and also brought lots of her scrapbook tools and supplies for the ladies to use. My friend, Tere, helped me again, making announcements for the event and Sylvia helped with set up. Thanks everyone - Gracias a todas!

Since Beth, Steve and Kent are leaving in just a few days for their Share Support Tour, I asked Beth to speak to the ladies last night, to share from her heart, her thoughts, etc....afterwards, Sis Ofelia (Pastor's mother) read Scripture and Tere led us in a special time of prayer for Beth - that God would strengthen her for the task ahead and keep her safe while she's gone from us. After we prayed, we sang a chorus together: "Estoy Confiando, Senor, en Ti"...I'm Trusting, Lord, in You...the Lord's presence was there as we sang together and expressed our faith and trust in Him - our faithful God.

Here are a few pictures of our evening.

A few of the pizzas I made.

Beth, speaking to the ladies.

Some of my SB supplies and tools ready for use.

The time of prayer for Beth - not everyone fit into the picture.

In this picture, you can see Pastor Dolores and his brother Raul in the background, sitting in the kitchen...enjoying a few pizzas and watching the proceedings. We gave them a little hard time about coming to the SB party with their wives...they just smiled and stayed put. :)

Mother and daughter working together...

Marlene, using my SB tools...she and Jazhiel enjoyed setting many eyelets during the course of the evening. :)

Sisters working together..

Mother and daughter working together (Sis. Ofelia and Tere)

Beth helping the "littlest scrapbooker", Jocelyn

I just love this picture of Sis. Felicitas, scrapbooking. These hands that have worked hard, fixed meals, cared for 13 children of her own and numerous grandchildren...these hands are now learning something new - scrapbooking. How precious!

Daughters, mother and grandmother - scrapbooking at the same table.

Some finished products:
Karla showing her layout of her and her friend.

Jazhiel proudly displaying his layout of himself!

Sis Ofelia made a very neat page...she put a photo of her and her husband, Pablo in the center of the page, then placed the pictures of all their children around the outside. I thought it was so creative.

Marc and the boys had GNO (as they call it - Guys Night Out) while I was gone. They could hardly wait for me to leave. :-)
I have so much enjoyed the SB parties and I believe the ladies have, too...we plan to keep on having them, hoping to fit in at least one during our very busy summer and resume with monthly activites in the fall.
Thanks to all of you who have told me you're sending supplies, etc...we need them! :) Looking forward to sharing your items with the ladies. I told them last night that several ladies in the north were sending things to share with them - they were very happy to hear it.
Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring Revival and Anniversary Celebration in Pedregales

This past weekend, Marc and Conf. Pres./Saltillo Pastor Dolores Hernandez traveled to Central Mexico to the village of Pedregales for their Spring Revival and 18th Church Anniversary Celebration. Pastor Refugio Sanchez - Cuchicuato - was the evangelist for the revival meeting. Here he is pictured singing a special song.

Four of our faithful pastors here in Mexico: (left to right)
Dolores Hernandez - Conference President and pastor at Saltillo
Manuel Navarro - Pastor at Pedregales
Refugio Sanchez (Cuco) - Pastor at Cuchicuato
Homero Luna - Pastor at Soledad and Legal Representative

I sent chocolate chip cookies along with Marc to hand out to the people. Here are 3 Amigos enjoying the cookies. :) Love this picture.

Some of the young people visiting after a meal, also enjoying the cookies.

The ladies cook the meals for the revival in this kitchen lean-to. Very primitive, but I've eaten some delicious meals out of this lean-to.

Here is Pastor Manuel Navarro pictured with the "moto" that was purchased for him with a recent donation from Bro. Billy Roy Finnen from the West Blocton AL BMC - thank you so much, Bro. Billy Roy! This is Pastor Manuel's only means of transportation - he is putting it to good use!

3 of the village children who sang special songs several times in the revival. Aren't they cute?

Marc preached the Sunday morning message and also dedicated the pastor's nephew on Saturday evening during the service.

Pastor Homero, also one of the special speakers for the event, praying for one of the altar services. The people in this village are always ready and willing to seek the Lord.

Here's this sweet little guy that Marc dedicated to the Lord: Mateo Aaron Navarro Babosa. May he grow up to always love and serve Jesus.

After Marc's message on Sunday morning, he asked our 2 Bible Methodist pastors: Bro. Manuel (Pedregales) and Bro. Refugio (Cuchicuato) to come forward with their wives and for the church people to gather around and pray a prayer of blessing on them and their ministry, much the same as he did in the Rio Bravo Revival in March. Bro. Dolores led the people in prayer.

Here are the ladies and girls getting ready to choose their footwear - special gifts by Becky Sims and the Fairmont WV BMC. These ladies and girls were so excited - thanks so much to Becky and the people at Fairmont!

While Marc and Bro. Dolores were gone, the boys and I enjoyed getting to visit with great friends of ours, Troy and Marla Kirkman and their daughters, Marayla and Akaylea. Troy was such a help to us last summer in preparing our Share Support DVD presentation - hours! of work and organization - thanks again, Troy! It was so great to get to be with all of you again!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Jazhiel and Logan, being Spiderman together....

Spiderman on stilts...juggling bowling pins! Yes, they're in the middle of the road, "working", entertaining those of us stopped at the red light. We gave him a few pesos for that stunt. :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009


In the choosing and assigning of English class pen pals for those who have contacted me, we've had some interesting discussions about names of the people here in Mexico...

At birth, everyone is given a first and middle name and 2 last names, the last name of their dad's family and their mother's family name. When a girl gets married, she does not change her name. She only adds her husband's family name to the end of her list in this way: "de Correa o de Gonzalez".

So my name here would be Melodie Janan Miller Agan de Sankey. :) Quite a mouthful, huh?

What is your "mexican name"?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

English Class - and an opportunity for you to get involved!

Last night we had our 2nd English class at our church here in Saltillo. Marc and I are team teaching this set of 12 classes/weeks. We have 14 students, ranging in age from 11 to adult. We are using Rosetta Stone American English Version 3 and adapting it to a classroom setting - so far it is going very well.

Kenya loves to help us set up for the class (she and her siblings are always very helpful) - move the tables and benches into the sanctuary and set up the computer and projector, etc. Last night before everyone arrived she and I were "pretending" English class...it was so cute. She actually repeated the words very well - her age is a great one to start learning!

Marlene writing English words on the board.

Probably our youngest student, Danna....doing a great job!

Pastor's wife Sylvia, taking her turn at the board to write.

I teach the core lesson each time, then Marc teaches the separate sections: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, writing, and reading. We're having fun!

Noemi writing on the board - a sentence this time.

Some of the class.... Most of our students are from our Saltillo church, but there is one girl who comes from the community and a young man who comes from another holiness church in the city.

We are attaching a minimal cost for the class, to establish the value of taking the class, generate commitment and to get back some of the cost of the Rosetta Stone Program. If you're interested in being a part of this ministry, we would love to have your involvement.
You could:
1. choose one of our students to be a pen pal - write letters/emails back and forth in English. I would be happy to help facilitate this exchange.
2. help us pray that this will be a further outreach in our church's community. We begin each class with prayer in English and will be adding English Scripture verse memorization soon.

3. collect and send any simple books in English...even children's books, also...that the students could borrow and practice reading. This would help them greatly in the practical use of what they're learning.
4. collect and send English Christian music CDs...children's CDs also...that the students could listen to and increase their listening comprehension.
5. contribute an English Bible to give to the students - this would be a special privilege for them to have their own Bible in English.
This is an exciting new door that God is opening for us - we're excited to be serving Him here in Mexico!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Special Mother's Day

My husband and boys are so sweet to me....they bought me beautiful flowers and wrote special notes to me. I love my "men" and am so blessed by God to be a mother. What a precious privilege it is!

I remember the days of holding all 3 on my lap for Mother's Day pictures. :) Where did those days go?

Logan and I
Cameron and I

The jury's in - I have a son as tall as I am - How did this happen? :)
Jordan and I

Today in Sunday School we began a new unit of study on the life of Moses. We learned our Scripture verse in Spanish, Spanish sign language and English. :) All the kids also made Mother's Day Cards. At the end of our presentation after SS, the kids handed their special cards to their mothers with a hug. :) Check out my crowded little table - I had 11 students in that little room this morning. I had Beth's class plus mine. The sun was beating in the window and the temperature rose quickly. But all things considered, we had fun and the kids were very good.

The kids working on their Mother's Day Cards with some of my scrapbooking supplies and stickers. They're so creative!

Dariela drawing the outline of her hand....so adorable.

Marlene showing me her finished product.

It's the custom here that the men/fathers prepare and serve a special meal after church in the dining room for the mothers. Here we are seated and getting ready to eat roasted chicken, spaghetti, tortillas and salsa. For dessert: Tres Leche and Caramel Cake.
The young ladies of the church serve and take care of the kids so us moms only had to eat our fill, fellowship and laugh together - what a special time!

My wonderful friend Ana and I.

I hope each of you readers who are mothers have had a wonderful Mother's Day! Feliz Dia de las Madres!