Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fiesta del Dia del Nino - Kids Day Party

Mexico has a special annual celebration called Kids Day - the Sunday School teachers at our church here in Saltillo are in charge of planning and organizing a special party for them with the help of Pastors Dolores and Sylvia. This year we rented a moon jump, had a pinata, made tostadas and ham sandwiches and just let them play on the church property - they had so much fun!

Pastor Dolores on the roof of the parsonage - "handling" the pinata. I think he had as much or more fun than the kids did with it. :)

Logan taking a crack at it.

Marquitos taking his turn (Cameron goes by this name here in Mexico). Cameron doesn't have a translation...the closest they come is "camaron" - which means "shrimp" - he does NOT like that. So he came up with the idea to use his middle name Marc and give it the diminuitive as they do so many things in Spanish and it fits great since his dad's name is technically Cameron is called "Little Marc" in Mexico - everyone calls him that - I like it!

Reaching for that candy. :)

Pastor Dolores throwing candy from on top - looks like I got these 2 pics in the wrong order...sorry.

Enjoying their tostadas (made by Kindergarten Teacher Hna. Enriquetta) and their ham and cheese sandwiches (which I made as the Primary Teacher).

Sis. Felicitas (Sylvia's mom) made these "paletas" for all the kids. They are colored or white marshmallows, with colored sugar on each side and decorated with smiles, cute!
It was a fun party! The kids have found their place in my heart - I love them!

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