Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring Revival and Anniversary Celebration in Pedregales

This past weekend, Marc and Conf. Pres./Saltillo Pastor Dolores Hernandez traveled to Central Mexico to the village of Pedregales for their Spring Revival and 18th Church Anniversary Celebration. Pastor Refugio Sanchez - Cuchicuato - was the evangelist for the revival meeting. Here he is pictured singing a special song.

Four of our faithful pastors here in Mexico: (left to right)
Dolores Hernandez - Conference President and pastor at Saltillo
Manuel Navarro - Pastor at Pedregales
Refugio Sanchez (Cuco) - Pastor at Cuchicuato
Homero Luna - Pastor at Soledad and Legal Representative

I sent chocolate chip cookies along with Marc to hand out to the people. Here are 3 Amigos enjoying the cookies. :) Love this picture.

Some of the young people visiting after a meal, also enjoying the cookies.

The ladies cook the meals for the revival in this kitchen lean-to. Very primitive, but I've eaten some delicious meals out of this lean-to.

Here is Pastor Manuel Navarro pictured with the "moto" that was purchased for him with a recent donation from Bro. Billy Roy Finnen from the West Blocton AL BMC - thank you so much, Bro. Billy Roy! This is Pastor Manuel's only means of transportation - he is putting it to good use!

3 of the village children who sang special songs several times in the revival. Aren't they cute?

Marc preached the Sunday morning message and also dedicated the pastor's nephew on Saturday evening during the service.

Pastor Homero, also one of the special speakers for the event, praying for one of the altar services. The people in this village are always ready and willing to seek the Lord.

Here's this sweet little guy that Marc dedicated to the Lord: Mateo Aaron Navarro Babosa. May he grow up to always love and serve Jesus.

After Marc's message on Sunday morning, he asked our 2 Bible Methodist pastors: Bro. Manuel (Pedregales) and Bro. Refugio (Cuchicuato) to come forward with their wives and for the church people to gather around and pray a prayer of blessing on them and their ministry, much the same as he did in the Rio Bravo Revival in March. Bro. Dolores led the people in prayer.

Here are the ladies and girls getting ready to choose their footwear - special gifts by Becky Sims and the Fairmont WV BMC. These ladies and girls were so excited - thanks so much to Becky and the people at Fairmont!

While Marc and Bro. Dolores were gone, the boys and I enjoyed getting to visit with great friends of ours, Troy and Marla Kirkman and their daughters, Marayla and Akaylea. Troy was such a help to us last summer in preparing our Share Support DVD presentation - hours! of work and organization - thanks again, Troy! It was so great to get to be with all of you again!


Ronda said...

Enjoyed the update! Great pictures of your lives there....so interesting. I loved the pic of the darling baby!(Bring me one of those the next time you come back! :))

~Heather~ said...

Enjoyed seeing all of these pics.

Melodie, today my sweetheart and I got to go on a date and went out for breakfast and coffee. We had such a fun time looking at the Andes mountains and talking. I asked Phillip what were his 5 favorite things about Colombia, and what were his 5 favorite memories of our 3 years here as a family. And then I told him mine. In our conversation y'all's names came up and we both mentioned how fun it would be to sit down and chat with you and Marc, since our callings are similiar. And we mentioned how our kids would enjoy rattling off in Spanish together. =) Hopefully someday our families can get together for a fun visit.
Have a super weekend in Jesus! =)