Friday, May 8, 2009

Liz's "Sister in Ministry" Project

My wonderful friend and cousin-in-law, Liz Stetler (BM pastor's wife in OK City) recently sent a special blessing to her Sister in Ministry, Hna. Sylvia, our pastor's wife here in Saltillo.

Sylvia's gifts included: sheet sets, a beautiful pink sweater and matching black print skirt, a doily, a journal, Sylvia's favorite candy: Snickers and more!
Liz also sent special gifts for all of Sylvia's 6 children, too. As you can see from these pictures, they were so happy!
Here's Marlene with her gift bag. Inside: a pink jump rope, hair accessories, and more!
Jazhiel and his gift bag. Inside: matchbox cars, candy and more!

Here are the twins Kenya (l) and Christy (r) with their bag of gifts. Are they just cute or what? You'll see their bag contents displayed in a moment.

Here's Cesia with her gifts. Cynthia was not there - she had gone to her grandmother's house. The girls received a large scrapbook with lots of supplies. They love scrapbooking!

Here's Marlene, showing us how it's done with her jump rope!

Jazhiel - not wanting to be of his very rare big smiles. I like the big smiles from the guys looking on, too...Pastor Dolores and Marc.

Jordan's checking out Cesia's gifts with her.
The twins discovering their "stuff". Look at Christy stuffing in those Skittles. :)
The twins and Marlene having a tea party with their gifts.
Liz, what a blessing you were to this sweet pastor's wife and her children - thank you so much!!
Liz also sent gifts to our new pastor's wife in Santa Apolonia, Hna. Graciela and her children. Hopefully I will be able to post photos of them receiving their gifts soon.


Uncle John said...

I am so impressed with this! WOW! Darell Lee and Lizzie are awesome pastors... and so ministry minded! Thanks for sharing it! You guys are The Best of The Best!

Tamra said...

How sweet and thoughtful of Liz! Loved these photos, and their smiles. That's the first time I've seen Jazhiel "really" smile.

Janet Sankey said...

What an awesome thing to do...I just know the Lord is going to "pour out a blessing" on Liz that she can't contain!!! Bless her dear heart. And Melodie, what a great idea to share and encourage the pastor's wives.

Beth Stetler said...

Great stuff!