Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A New Pastor and Family in Santa Apolonia

Pastor Jose Cruz, his wife Graciela and two children: Ruth and Isai, just moved to Santa Apolonia to pastor the Bible Methodist Church there in this small village about an hour south of the US border. For some time the work here has been languishing - for a variety of reasons. Bro. Jose firmly believes God has called him and his family here and they moved in last Thursday. It was our privilege to help them move their few belongings (some donated) into their very small, primitive, rented house there in the village.

Our 4Runner in front of the church in Santa Apolonia

Here they are in front of their house and then in front of the church.

After we finished moving their things into the house, we went to the church. Marc and I had stopped there on our way into the village to see the condition of the building and take some photos...considering this for a work team project this summer.
Pastor/Conf. President Dolores read some Scripture and we prayed together for Jose, Graciela and their family. The challenges in this little village are great, but they are excited to get started....so much so that when we stopped back by on Monday to see them, Pastor Jose couldn't wait to tell us the happy news - someone had gotten saved in his little church just the day before!! Thank the Lord!

Afterwards, we were invited to the home of the former pastor for a delicious chicken dinner and some good fellowship.

Here are the "Tres Amigos", eating their dinner.
Pastor Dolores, his wife Sylvia and son Jazhiel were there helping as well and since it was Sylvia's birthday, we sang to her - but alas, no cake!

When you think of it, would you pray for these new pastors in Santa Apolonia? They have very little furniture for their home and are beginning their ministry there in living conditions that most of us would find unacceptable. But they are not deterred - they are there doing God's work and are committed, whatever the sacrifice. Thank God for our Mexican brothers and sisters who are taking the Good News of the Gospel to their fellowman!


Liz said...

make me cry . . .

Tamra said...

Awww...thanks for sharing these photos. They mean even more to me now that we've visited MX and have met these precious people.
The Cruz family look so happy in their new surroundings. What a nice family!

Uncle John said...

AWESOME~! Mucho Bueno!!!