Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good Word

Quick word on Logan - the doctor was pleased this afternoon with the effect these 2 drugs are having on Logan - almost no swelling under his eye, very little puffiness above, no proptosis to speak of. He's gradually improving so we're staying the course at least for another month, with weekly office follow-up. Some bloodwork has been ordered to monitor his liver and kidney functions while taking this strong medicine. The only side effect Logan seems to be having is some photosensitivity that comes with the Vfend. It is powerful stuff and this South Texas sun is shining pretty hot on my little guy's face. His cheeks, nose and now chin are pretty red and there are a few little blisters here and there. I'm using sunblock on him, making him wear a hat outside and the doc prescribed some ointment today to help. I'm glad Logan's not a video game junkie, but it might be better for him and me right now if he were...smiles...not really.

Very late Valentine's post

Yes, it's very late but I have to brag on my incredibly sweet, resourceful, thoughtful husband. We spent this Valentine's day apart. I was here in Texas, caring for Logan and he was in Hobe Sound, Florida preaching Sea Breeze Camp. I was very proud of myself for secretly mailing a card to Florida to be delivered to him on Valentine's Day. He went above and beyond, let me tell you. Valentine's Day dawned with sweet emails and text messages wishing me a happy day and thanking me for being his valentine. We talked by phone a couple times, and he wished me the same again.
Then I received a phone call about 4 pm from the front desk here telling me a package had just been delivered for me. Tamra was here visiting at the time. She and I walked up to the front of the campus to pick up what I assumed was a care package for Logan. I was oblivious. Even after I had the box in my hands, I still thought it was for Logan. Tamra suggested that it might be for me since it said Vermont Teddy Bear on the side of the box. I replied that someone probably sent Logan a cute teddy bear as a get well wish. Then it hit me - I bet this is from Marc!! No way - how did he do this? We almost ran back to the apartment, opened the box and here's what I found.

Adorable, isn't he? Yes, his bow tie says I love you in Spanish. A personalized love note was included, with a heart shaped box of assorted chocolates. He has a bouquet of red roses in his right paw. It was so sweet - I almost cried. I grabbed my cell and called my Valentine to thank him.
I love you, Marc - for always.....Melodie

Friday, February 22, 2008

Steady Improvement

Here's the latest on Logan: He saw the Infectious Disease doctor again yesterday and he (Dr. Loja, who is taking Dr. Linsangan's patients until after her baby's born) was pleased with Logan's appearance. He really does look great. The infection under his eye has almost completely receded and the proptosis is hardly noticeable, also. Thank the Lord! However, since we've now had 2 recurrences of MRSA, the doctor wants him on another month at least of the antibiotic, Zyvox, and will also be keeping him on the antifungal therapy, Vfend. Since both of these are oral, we don't have to worry about needles for the time being, unless something else comes up which has been known to happen.
We believe the Lord is definitely touching Logan. Since he was annointed in the healing service at Sea Breeze Camp last Saturday, there has been slow but steady improvement. I know God is able to completely take this infection away. In the meantime, we're giving the medicine, waiting, hoping and praying.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sea Breeze Camp 2008

Logan and I were so blessed to be able to attend the last weekend of Sea Breeze Camp this year, although the day before we were to leave it didn't look like we'd make it. As you know, Logan went off antibiotics on Saturday, Feb. 9, due to an unexpected problem with his PICC line. Since he was almost at the end of the 6 week course of Vancomycin, the doctor decided to leave him off the antibiotics to see how his body would respond. Unfortunately, on Tuesday and Wednesday, he started to develop a red puffy sac under his eye. I already had airfare purchased to take him to Hobe Sound but just felt like I couldn't go without alerting the doctor to what was happening.
So Beth and I took him on Thursday afternoon and the doctor did confirm what looks like another recurrence of the infection because of stopping the antiobiotics. He has prescribed another antibiotic - oral this time - very strong, and yes, very expensive. The doctor said that if I had his phone number with me and an emergency plan if Logan got worse, I could continue with my plans to take him to Florida.
We were able to procure the medication Thursday afternoon and headed for Hobe Sound early Friday morning. It was so great to be with my husband and other sons again! Also my parents and my in-laws, too! And so many dear people and friends we have known for a long time. The Lord certainly helped Marc minister in the Word during Camp. I was blessed by the ministry of all the others, too.
The boys enjoyed being spies for truth in the children's services - here's Logan and Cameron during the program. Jordan enjoyed the youth services this year.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the prayer support during the Campmeeting - Logan was mentioned numerous times and we are so grateful for your support. We had Logan annointed and prayed for in the healing service Saturday morning and we do believe God is touching him already and causing his body to respond to this new antibiotic. He is looking quite a bit better - thank the Lord. We are to see the doctor again on Thursday, and will more than likely continue the antibiotic/antifungal course we're on since he seems to be responding at least for the time being.
Whew, I'm tired just writing all that. This has certainly been a confusing, bewildering ordeal but God is giving us strength and we're trusting Him to heal Logan completely.
We enjoyed spending a little time at the ocean, too - it's so beautiful!

I like this picture of Logan.

Fun with Friends

Logan and I had such a great time with Tamra, Bryson and Jillian. We're so glad they came and kept us company while Marc and the boys were gone.

We love you guys!
Thanks for coming!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Update on Logan and Exciting Plans

First of all, we're having an awesome time with Tamra, Bryson and Jillian. It's been so much fun to have them here with us.

I took Logan to the Infectious Disease specialist yesterday as a follow-up but also to discuss what to do now that the second 6 week course of Vancomycin had almost been completed. We had kind of a weird thing happen with his PICC line on Saturday night - it fell out! - not kidding. Anyway, we survived and are without lines or IVs for the first time in weeks, even months. Logan said, "Hey I'm just a regular guy now!"

Since Logan's proptosis is improving, albeit slowly, the doctor decided to stop the antibiotics and see how his body responds on its own. He is continuing to take the anti-fungal therapy since the microbiology bloodwork results confirmed aspergillus.

When I knew that the doctor's decision only called for oral medication, I cautiously asked if there would be a problem taking Logan for a weekend trip. He said that if I continued the oral meds he didn't see any reason why I couldn't take him. So guess where we're going Friday morning? Yep - Sea Breeze Camp in Hobe Sound, Florida! I can't tell you how excited we all are. I'm so grateful to God for allowing us this blessing in the middle of what has been an exhausting and overwhelming ordeal - He is so good. But most of all, I'm grateful that Logan is improving and each step he takes toward recovery is something to be celebrated.

Continue to keep him in your prayers - this is a crucial time to see how his body will respond.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Guess who's coming?

They are!
My wonderful friend, Tamra Craycraft and her 2 darling children, Bryson and Jillian, are arriving tonight to stay a few days with Logan and me. We're so excited! I'm leaving soon for the McAllen airport to pick them up. We'll miss you, Shane. As we are missing Marc, Jordan, and Cameron.

But Tamra and kids will get to enjoy some gorgeous south Texas weather in February and some delicious Mexican food is definitely in the plans!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Great Party

Logan had a great 9th birthday party - these pics will tell the story. Lots of people, gifts, food and fun. And thank you, cyberguests, for coming to Logan's party, too. We missed Dad, Jordan, and Cameron but we still had fun.

Note from Logan: Hey, everybody. I want to say thank you to everyone who has sent me cards, emails and gifts for my birthday! I am having fun being 9.

There's that root beer float

Friday, February 8, 2008

Logan is 9!

Lightning McQueen and his gang, along with Logan and I, invite you to Logan's 9th Birthday Party this evening at 5:30!

Pizza and root beer floats are on the menu - Logan's choices.

Uncle Steve, Aunt Beth, Cousin Kent and lots of our Texas friends are making plans to celebrate with us - and you're welcome to join us via this blog. We'll check back later to see how many cyberguests attended the party.

Happy Birthday, Logan!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

On the Way to Florida

Logan and I took Marc, Jordan, and Cameron to the McAllen airport early this morning to catch their 8:00 flight to Hobe Sound, Florida by way of West Palm Beach. It was hard saying goodbye for 12 days. But Jordan and Cameron were overjoyed to be going with Dad - I know they'll have a good time at Sea Breeze Camp. I'm praying for my husband that God blesses his preaching ministry there at Camp; if you think of it, would you do the same? Thank you.
Here's the link to Hobe Sound Bible Church where you can log on for live streaming of the camp services. I believe they're archived as well.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

School must go on

And all the homeschool moms said... "amen". It's a given, that unless there's a good reason (and Logan has had them) why you can't do your school work, you gotta do it. And so we are...