Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tacos al Pastor, our town and our house

You gotta see these tacos we love.....

We eat them at a little restaurant here in Salamanca called La Herradura and they are scrumptious. Of course you can put more stuff on them: vegetables, cheese, but we mostly like them just this: with salsa, lime and salt. Even Cameron eats them - now you KNOW they're good.

Our town is 404 years old. At the entrance of our colonia is a beautiful lighted fountain with the dates of Salamanca's 400th Birthday. How beautiful....

Here's a quick look at our patio...I'll add more pictures of our house when I have time.

I am very blessed to have such a beautiful place to live - now if I can just keep the white tile floors clean with 3 boys running in and out........

Friday, February 16, 2007

Home from Florida

We're back in Salamanca after a great flight from Ft. Lauderdale (how great that snow delays don't bother us a bit), NO problems through immigration and customs (thank the Lord, more on this later), a 3 hour bus ride from Mexico City to Queretaro, an hour and a half bus ride from Queretaro to Salamanca, and a taxi ride home (actually it took 2 taxis to take us and all our bags). We arrived just before midnight after 13 hours of traveling....and were so glad to sleep in our own beds.

Our beautiful hotel in Mexico City

There is just no way to express what a great time we had in Florida....Sea Breeze Camp was wonderful. We so much enjoyed the ministry of the other workers and the fellowship with family and friends was awesome. Our kids LOVED the English children's services. The Lord helped Marc preach and us to sing...people were so very kind and expressed their thanks to us.

The Mercy concert went great as well.....packed house and we sold every CD and tape we brought in 10 joke! It was great to sing with Anthony and Marci again.

Heading for the shore....

We spent several afternoons at the beach during our time was gorgeous and we loved it, as always. It was so fun to eat lots of American food - LOTS - we didn't even feel hungry after the first day in the US. I guess the different diet and smaller portions we've been used to made the difference. Anyway...we hit our favorites several times and it was all delicious.

It was so fun to spend several days with Marc's parents and Maria, too. They were present for several days of camp. Also Steve and Kent flew in for a couple days. And as I said, Anthony and Marci and kids also....

Ok - immigrations......when we left Mexico City to fly to Florida, the airline officials took our 6 month visas from us. Apparently they needed to keep them as our permission to be in Mexico and now that we were leaving we didn't need them. We tried to explain, but.....anyway, we got on the plane thinking "what are we going to do, those are our permissions to live in Mexico" (Until Marc's FM-3 goes through - legal permission to do missionary work in Mexico) We didn't know if they would issue us another set of visas when we returned since we were still in the "system" for 5 more months. The officials don't like to renew visas until the time is totally spent. Well, we just decided to leave it in God's hands and "worry" about it when we got back to Mexico. At the airport in Ft Lauderdale yesterday, we received new visa forms to fill out. So we did, just as if we were applying for the first time. When we reached Immigrations in the Mexico City Airport I prayed, "Lord, please give us an official that is happy, well-rested and has nothing to prove!" Amazingly that is just exactly what happened - we breezed through! We received 90 day tourist visas, got our passports stamped and were on our way in about 5 minutes. I was so relieved and thankful.

There is so much more story to tell after that point, but I just hesitate to put you through all that if you're not really

Main thing is we had a great time in Florida, we're home and back in the saddle.

Hasta luego....