Friday, December 1, 2006

Our latest Newsletter

November 2006 Newsletter
Bible Methodist Missions in Mexico

Dear Family and Friends,

We want to send a special Thanksgiving greeting to each of you. What a wonderful time of the year - our hearts are thankful to our Savior for His bountiful blessings to us. Happy Thanksgiving!!

This has been a very busy month of language school. Preparing papers, completing assignments, meeting daily with tutors and instructors and more. The boys have been busy with homeschool, and Melodie continues to stay busy studying Spanish every day and homeschooling the boys. However, in a few short weeks our language school experience will be history and we'll be on our way to Salamanca, Guanuajuato, Mexico! The Lord willing, I will graduate from language school on Tuesday, December 12 at 7 pm. We have to be honest - we have thoroughly enjoyed our time here on the Tex/Mex border, but our hearts are pulling us to Salamanca, the place where we believe God has called us to serve. Much remains to be done to prepare our belongings, finish up school, etc. but we are completely happy in God's will and very excited about the "next step" - Mexico!

We were so blessed recently to have both sets of our parents come to visit us. We had a wonderful time together. Thanks, parents, for taking time to be with us. We love you!

Also thank you to the Pell City and the Selma Bible Methodist Churches for the gifts you sent for the Mexican people: gifts, toys, school supplies, supplies for Sunday School classes, etc. And to Melodie's parents for transporting all of these things in their motor home.

Youth Convention in San Rafael - several of you have responded to the fund-raising appeal and said you'd be interested in your church or group sponsoring a young person to be able to attend this convention. If you would like to do this, especially for those young people in Oaxaca and other places, also we believe a reasonable figure would be $100 each. $100 would help with bus tickets (if this is necessary) and food for that young person. Again, please mark your gifts "Youth Convention in San Rafael" when you give through your local Bible Methodist missionary society. Thank you so much for your response already!

Again, just for your information - until December 15 (our moving day) our address will be here at the language school. After Dec. 15, we will still maintain a U.S. mailing address: 2112 W. University Dr. PMB 1122 Edinburg, TX 78539

Thanks for your support and prayers.

We love you all!

Marc and Melodie Sankey

Jordan, Cameron and Logan