Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall 2010 Bible Institute Classes

Our Classes this fall were held in the Rio Bravo Bible Methodist Church in the border region on Mexico. The Lord gave us a wonderful time together!

Bible Inst President - Eliezer Balderas

Jordan was such a help in videoing the classes. Thanks, son!


Marc teaching one of his missions classes.

Left: Assistant Pastor Bro. Juan from Cuchicuato (recently saved 2 years ago); Right: Pastor and long time church planter Desiderio from Oaxaca

Thanks to so many of you who donated these items, we were able to provide lots of clothes and shoes to the students and their families. These two little sweethearts were having fun with the packing peanuts. :-)

Sis. Helen Reiff, giving her class on the Sunday School. She did an absolutely wonderful job, bringing so many materials with her to share with the students and SS teachers that were enrolled in the classes. So practical and helpful!

Missions Director Tim Keep taught classes throughout the week on Leadership and then preached in the weekend revival. Bro. Glen Reiff did a terrific job translating all Bro. Keep's classes, plus teaching 2 other courses of his own - Basic Bible Doctrines and Pastoral Theology. A HUGE week for these two men but they did a wonderful job, teaching with the annointing of the Holy Spirit and a passion for their subject matter.

Thank you to all who contributed to make these classes possible - your donations for Mexico Student Aid go directly to the Institute Classes. May God bless each one of you who give for your generosity!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Logan's Broken Arm

Logan fell a week ago today in front of the church in Rio Bravo and broke both bones in his left arm. I have a picture of the arm before it was set, but none of us can stand to look at it and it's probably not something I should share online. His first broken bone and he did it up right!

He was playing with his brothers and a bunch of Mexican kids, attempting to climb onto Cameron's shoulders (as boys are wont to do), when gravity took over and he hit the concrete. He tried to catch himself and the rest is history.

Pastor Santiago took Marc and Logan to a hospital which was blessedly close and the ER team (specialist, hospital doc and nurses) treated Logan so well....meds for the pain were administered and his arm was able to be set (while he was under anesthesia) without requiring surgery - thank You, Lord!

Seems like everything happens to this boy - guess some kids are just like that. :-)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Visit with Missions Director Tim Keep

We are so much enjoying having our new Missions Director Tim Keep here with us in Saltillo to visit the churches and pastors in this area. He will be accompanying us to the border this weekend to participate in the Mexican Bible Methodist General Assembly and teach in the Institute Classes in Rio Bravo this coming week.

So happy to have him here!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Keyboard Needed in La Boca

Our pastor's daughter in La Boca, Teresa plays the piano well and is willing to provide the music for services in this village church. She learned to play the piano as a student at LABI several years ago and is using her talent to glorify God. However the church in La Boca does not have a piano/keyboard nor anyone in the church who plays guitar.

Do you have a keyboard you would like to donate to help meet this need? or possibly you would like to contribute toward the cost of purchasing one.

Teresa and I have discussed this and we have agreed to pray together about it until God supplies the need. If He would lay it on your heart to help, it would certainly be a blessing in our Bible Methodist Church in La Boca and an answer to prayer. You may email me at to correspond.

Thank you and God bless!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So Wonderful to have Mom and Dad here!

Mom and Dad at the Alamo in San Antonio, TX.

Dad and Jordan in San Antonio at the Riverwalk.

Being congratulated on their 50th Wedding anniversary at our church in Saltillo.

At the Desert Museum in Saltillo.

At our Bible Methodist Church in La Boca...holding the pastor's grandson, Leonardo. :-)

In front of one of the large churches in Zacatecas.

They'll be leaving tomorrow to return to San Antonio and fly home on Thursday. We have so much enjoyed having them here and hope they've enjoyed this part of their 50th Anniversary Celebration. Love you, Mom and Dad!