Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bible Reading Contest

Our pastor's wife, Sylvia, is also the Sunday School Superintendent of our church in Saltillo. She has been motivating 3 of the Sunday School classes to read the Scriptures and has challenged the Primary, Intermediate, and Youth Classes to see who could read the most verses each week. For the past month she has been keeping records and today gave out the final prizes to each winner. For the Primary Class, Jazhiel was the winner; for the Intermediate Class, Marquitos (Cameron) was the winner and for the Youth Class, Melisa was the winner! I don't recall how many verses they read but they numbered in the thousands for each of them. Congratulations, kids - you did a great job!

...and wonderful idea, Sylvia! :-)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cameron and his new braces

Thought you might like to see Cameron with his new braces. He's happy but at the same time facing reality of pain, difficulty eating, braces cutting into cheeks, frequent brushing, etc...I think he looks great with them!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First Night of Revival in Saltillo

Here is Hno. Abel Rodriguez preaching the first message of our revival in Saltillo tonight...the Lord helped him do a wonderful job. It was so good to see him and his wife Misaela again.

Prayer Request and Praises...

Preparing for Wednesday night prayer meeting at your church?

Here's a quick list of prayer requests and praises to share with you from Mexico BMMissions and our family...

1. Marc's continued recovery - he is doing well!
2. A newly saved couple from the church in Cuchicuato (central Mexico), Bro. Juan and his wife and family, have felt God's call to the ministry and are enrolling in our Bible Institute classes to prepare themselves to be our next new pastors - so exciting!
3. New church plants are being started by quite a few of our existing churches; pastors and people are cooperating to take the Gospel to completely new areas.
4. Recent donation of a 15 passenger van, trailer and a motorcycle for use here in Mexico - big blessing!
5. God's protection on our family as we have traveled through some dangerous areas in Mexico.

Prayer Requests:
1. We are beginning revival here in our Saltillo church tonight - evangelist Bro. Abel Rodriguez, HIM pastor from Salamanca. We have passed out hundreds of announcements in the community...praying that God will give us new souls in this revival
2. a great grandson of Pastor Desi, pastor in San Gabriel, Oaxaca, has been ill in the hospital and has had an operation.
3. our Spring 2010 Bible Institute Classes are coming up soon here in Saltillo - March 29 - April 2. Visiting Professors: Dan Stetler and Paul Alexander
4. please pray for the indigenization process in Mexico...our pastors are gradually being taken off monthly US support/offerings and we are praying for God to supply their needs.
5. Our National Conference President Dolores Hernandez and his family - the responsibilities he carries for the conference as well as pastoring his church in Saltillo and the 2 missions in Zacatecas.
6. Our Bible Institute President Eliezer Balderas and his family - much preparation is taking place for the upcoming classes.

Thanks so much for your support and prayers for our family and Bible Methodist Missions in Mexico!

Melodie Sankey

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Logan's Bday

Logan turned 11 last week while we were up on the border for a few days, taking care of some business. We don't normally pose for bday pics in a Cars t-shirt but it was one of those birthdays that happens along with 100 other things that day...I'm sure you moms understand. :-)

Logan with his most favorite ever bday gift (his words) - his "patineta". He's in love...almost sleeps with the thing. Thanks, Grandma Sankey!

Today at church, Logan went up front for his birthday. They say a special prayer for each person, sing Happy Birthday, then the whole church walks around to congratulate them - I love the tradition! The couple on the left celebrated their anniversary today. Logan, Beth, and Karla had bdays this past week and Kent's bday is tomorrow. these people!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Logan is 11!

Happy 11th Birthday, Logan! We love you..... Mom and Dad

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Making Kitchen Towels for the Mexican Pastors' Wives.....

My sister Missy and her mother in law, Judy Miller, are making and donating kitchen towels/pot holders that hang on a stove handle or kitchen cabinet handle. I have one that Judy gave me a couple Christmases ago and I just love it and use it all the time! It is getting quite worn out and Missy and Judy have agreed to make not only a few for me but one for each of our pastors' wives here in Mexico to include in their Care Packages we'll be giving out at the Institute Classes next month.

Thanks so much, Judy and Missy. I know the pastors' wives are going to enjoy these towels, and I know I will for sure enjoy mine!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sunday in La Boca

Let me share with you a few photos of the ministry that took place in the village of La Boca on Sunday. Pastor Pablo, his wife Ofelia and daughter Teresa drive out every Sunday (an hour and a half one way) to minister in this poor village. These are our Mexican nationals, feeling the call of God on their hearts to fulfill their own Great Commission and to minister to their own people and culture. We are SO blessed to work arm in arm with such quality people/pastors.
Here is Pastor Pablo on the left with a couple men from the church.
Pastor's daughter, Tere, teaching the children in Sunday School and helping them make a Jesus Me Ama craft.
Some of the SS. Children with their crafts.

Quilts and clothing were given out and a special meal for all the church people was enjoyed.

Thank you, Pastor Pablo and family for your dedicated ministry in this area and may the Gospel message find lodging in the hearts of the dear people in La Boca.

Monday, February 1, 2010

"El Trio Magnifico"

Pastor Dolores, Marc and Steve sang a song in church last night. They sang "Dilo a Cristo" Tell it to Jesus - and did a great job!

Ministry in Zacatecas

This past weekend was a very busy weekend in ministry for a couple of our pastors and their families in the Saltillo/San Rafael region.

I would like to share a few photos with you and tell you about their ministry - our dedicated pastors, wives, and laypeople ministering to and in their own culture. We are privileged to work with such capable and committed nationals.
Early Saturday morning, Pastor Dolores and his entire family travelled 3 hours one way to visit and minister in the very poor regions of Zacatecas, the villages of San Antonio and Sabana Grande. They preach, teach the children, sing and give out clothing and shoes. Thanks to Bro. Dolores for these wonderful pictures and for your faithfulness to the people in the remote region of Zacatecas!
If you have recently donated shoes, clothes or blankets, you may recognize some of your items being given out. Thanks to your contributions, we were able to send 2 large boxes of clothes, shoes, and blankets along with the contributions from the church people and pastor here in Saltillo. Also given were Spanish Bible stories provided free of charge by Helping Hands Ministry based in the Rio Grande Valley - thanks so much, De and staff!

Coming soon - pictures and report of Sunday ministry in the village of La Boca with Pastor Pablo and family!