Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sunday in La Boca

Let me share with you a few photos of the ministry that took place in the village of La Boca on Sunday. Pastor Pablo, his wife Ofelia and daughter Teresa drive out every Sunday (an hour and a half one way) to minister in this poor village. These are our Mexican nationals, feeling the call of God on their hearts to fulfill their own Great Commission and to minister to their own people and culture. We are SO blessed to work arm in arm with such quality people/pastors.
Here is Pastor Pablo on the left with a couple men from the church.
Pastor's daughter, Tere, teaching the children in Sunday School and helping them make a Jesus Me Ama craft.
Some of the SS. Children with their crafts.

Quilts and clothing were given out and a special meal for all the church people was enjoyed.

Thank you, Pastor Pablo and family for your dedicated ministry in this area and may the Gospel message find lodging in the hearts of the dear people in La Boca.

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