Friday, June 27, 2008

Beulah Grove Camp

Camp - wow, how do I tell everything? I can't....
We were privileged to be the song evangelists for our camp this year - the Heartland Bible Methodist Camp. What a great time we had! The Lord helped us sing and we were blessed to be with so many of our wonderful friends from Franklin and the Heartland Conference.
Also my parents stopped by for an afternoon service and my sister, Myranda and her family spent Saturday and Sunday at camp. It was so fun to get to see them.
We worked with a great team of evangelists: the Stetlers, the Pierpoints, the Blacks, and the Browns. Thank you to each of them for their special ministry to our family.

Of course, it is always a special privilege to be with our dear friends and mentors, the Sams. Here are the boys pictured with "Papaw and Grandma" Sams.

We celebrated our 16th anniversary during camp - June 20. It was a special treat to go out with friends that night to a fancy restaurant - McDonalds!! Hey, you can't beat their sweet tea.

Jordan participating in the Youth Choir

I love this picture of Marc and Jillian (Craycraft)

Some of these photos (the good ones) are from Brad Snelling's website - - thanks, Brad! Gotta try that BBQ place you were talking about sometime!

Logan and his friend, Jacob

It has been awhile since I posted an update on Logan - he's doing great! He's still on the antifungal medication and will be for some time, but the Lord has really touched Logan and we are so grateful. Here he is with his friend, Jacob Snelling at the Heartland Camp.

Marc and Logan will fly back to Texas in the middle of August for Logan to see his doctor(s), have bloodwork and an MRI done - just to follow up and see how he's doing. But so far, so good - thank the Lord.

And again, thank you to all of you who have supported our family with your prayers and with your giving toward Logan's medical bills - we cannot thank you enough.

We love you all!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cameron is 11

Cameron had his 11th birthday while we were singing for our Bible Methodist Camp at Beulah Grove - June 17, to be exact. That's nothing new - I think he has had 8 of his 11 there! He had a fun birthday party with lots of cards and gifts....thanks, guys for coming to his party and for the gifts.... Kade and Konnor, Bryson, Nate, Sam and Logan.

Cameron, Happy Birthday from Mom and Dad. You're such a special son and we are so proud of you and what God is making of you. We're so happy to see you using your talents for God - He is blessing others through you. We love you, son.
Cameron helping Roanna Black lead the children in singing during the children's program on Sunday.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day to My Husband

Marc, I hope this Father's Day is very special for you - because you certainly deserve it. You are an incredible dad to our boys - the best! I love you forever.

Happy Father's Day!

First of all, Happy Father's Day to my daddy, Henry Miller. I wish we could be together today, but that's not possible. Hopefully we'll get to see you and Mama again soon. It was so fun to be together just recently at Sherilyn's wedding. Love you, Daddy!

Also Happy Father's Day to my father in law, Leonard Sankey. So wonderful to be able to be with you today, Dad, and to fix one of your favorite meals for you - chicken and cheese enchiladas. According to you, the chocolate cake wasn't half bad either! Love you, Dad!

There are 3 Leonard Sankeys in the following picture. Can you find them?

The morning sermon at Faith Mission Church

There's that chocolate cake.

Sorry for the white circles on the photos....think it may be time for a new camera.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Fun Visit

We had a wonderful visit last evening and part of today with our great friends, David and Sarah Fry and their children, Kayla, Karissa and Caden. It was so much fun to be together, laugh about old times and happy memories and catch up on what's happening in each other's lives.

Cameron had a great time accompanying the "Fry Trio" - boy, can those kids sing - and playing guitar/piano duets with Kayla.

Thanks so much for letting us come to your lovely home and spend some time with you all, David and Sarah - we love you!

Cameron was happy to show that he's now as tall as Sarah....that is, almost.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

If these walls could talk....

It's an old cliche, but still it came to my mind yesterday as I was walking through my in-laws' beautiful but now empty house.
In my mind's eye, I could almost see reflected off those walls the scenes that will be always in my memory. Scenes of opening presents on Christmas morning in the living room, bounteous Thanksgiving dinners in the dining room with all the family gathered around Mom's huge table, making homemade toffee in the kitchen, rocking my babies in the gliders and watching them learn to crawl at Grandma's house, my boys watching Papaw Sankey set up his train set on the table in the breakfast nook... If these walls could talk they would remind us of those happy times.

If they could talk, they would also remind us of bittersweet moments. Saying goodbye, hugging and praying with family members as we left for the mission field or for parts in the Far North, times of praying for sick loved ones, discussing concerns that burdened us all....

Walls don't talk and maybe we're glad they don't, but we'll always be glad for those warm memories reflected off the walls, but tucked away deep in our hearts.

Goodbye, happy home.

The things you do....

I don't like close, dark spaces - probably nobody really does - but I do love my father in law and was happy to lend a hand spreading sheet plastic in the crawlspace....I was very glad to not see any snakes or huge spiders!


And the work goes on....thanks to so many people from Faith Mission Church who helped move Marc's parents, we were actually able to be a day ahead of schedule this week. The ladies helped with cleaning and providing meals, the men helped with lifting back-breaking loads and storing furniture - thanks to everyone!

Grandma Ferguson turns 95

My husband's grandmother, Marjorie Ferguson, celebrated her 95th birthday on May 27. We had the privilege of celebrating with her this year. Grandma Ferguson is an amazing woman - still happy, still loving her family, still loving and serving God with all her heart, still interceding for the needs of her family and others....we love you, Grandma!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So blogging

Yes, I friends and family are thinking I gave up blogging. So much has happened since we arrived here in Indiana - the past week has been unbelievably busy. I think my life is in fast forward. Anyway....

My cousin Sherilyn Stetler got married to Andrew Stroud this past Friday night in an absolutely beautiful ceremony. Marc and I sang and played in the wedding - we enjoyed doing it so much! After the rehearsal Thursday night we spent the night with our wonderful friends, Shane and Tamra Craycraft, Bryson and Jillian and had a great time. We sat up and talked way too late - you know how it is with so much catching up to do - and enjoyed lunch the next day at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Middletown - La Pinata.

My best friend, Tamra and I and Jillian

Here's Sherilyn and Andy...

We met with our Missions Director, John Parker, yesterday to discuss our upcoming Share Support Tour. It was a very informative time and Bro. Parker was so helpful to us "rookie" missionaries attempting this task for the very first time. We will hopefully have our things together to begin missions services in just a couple weeks. Our schedule is filling, but we still have some dates available. Contact us if you're interested in us coming to share Mexico Bible Methodist Missions with your church.

Uncle John, who plays the guitar very well, gave Cameron a "lesson" which Cameron was just thrilled with. He is majorly into his guitar right now and is begging us for regular lessons. How do you manage that on deputation, I'd like to know?...smiles...

In addition to all this, our family has been helping Marc's parents pack their belongings and prepare to move. We are enjoying our time here in Bedford, being with Marc's parents and my sister Marci and family, working together, etc......

Now that we have internet connection in the house where we're staying, maybe I'll be able to blog more often. It was just put in yesterday. Now I have to find time to catch up on all the blogs on my list of favorites!
Someone asked me if I missed Mexico yet....surprisingly, yes, I do. I dreamed about my Mexican friends last night - we were having a good old time visiting and catching up - in Spanish!
Les digo a nuestros queridos hermanos en Mexico - "Los extranamos mucho y que Dios los bendiga y los cuide!"