Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

First of all, Happy Father's Day to my daddy, Henry Miller. I wish we could be together today, but that's not possible. Hopefully we'll get to see you and Mama again soon. It was so fun to be together just recently at Sherilyn's wedding. Love you, Daddy!

Also Happy Father's Day to my father in law, Leonard Sankey. So wonderful to be able to be with you today, Dad, and to fix one of your favorite meals for you - chicken and cheese enchiladas. According to you, the chocolate cake wasn't half bad either! Love you, Dad!

There are 3 Leonard Sankeys in the following picture. Can you find them?

The morning sermon at Faith Mission Church

There's that chocolate cake.

Sorry for the white circles on the photos....think it may be time for a new camera.


Missy said...

Happy Father's day to Marc and his dad. The older Marc gets the more I think he becomes like his dad. Not a bad thing at all. =) I hope that all of you had a great time on Father's day and especially Marc. Love to all of you...

Vonnie said...

Great pictures! I love seeing them all together!

Cindy said...

Nice nice that Marc and his dad could be together for a change on Father's day! I'm sure it was special for both of them. And I'm sure your father-in-law loved your cake! It looks positively yummy!!!!