Monday, March 31, 2008

Down Mexico Way

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Sunday School in Rio Bravo

Yesterday we enjoyed Sunday School at Rio Bravo. Before we dismissed to classes, the Lord met with us in a special way during the song service. His presence was very real.
Hermano Rolando (SS Superintendent) is doing a great job organizing and motivating the students and teachers. Here's a few pics from their after-class presentations. I didn't get a picture of Hermano Eli teaching the adult class, but as always, he did a wonderful job.
As you can probably see from the attendance board, they have set and are working toward an attendance goal. Thank the Lord for His help to the Rio Bravo Sunday School.
Hermano Rolando asks that I post a note to thank those of you who have responded and given money and Sunday School supplies for this ministry. He is very grateful and appreciates your interest and giving. Thank you!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter in Saltillo

I wouldn't take credit for these photos I'm posting...they're Steve's. He made a CD for me - thanks, Steve!

Look at this beautiful Mexican sunset we enjoyed on our trip!

We attended the Easter Sunday morning service at our Bible Methodist Church in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. Here is the Primary Class sharing their Easter Sunday School lesson. Cameron stood and recited his verse in Spanish with his class again - so proud!

The pastor's adorable twin daughters

Here we are with Pastor Dolores and wife Sylvia, LABI graduates. He is the National President of all the Bible Methodist Churches in Mexico. They are wonderful, committed pastors and we enjoy their fellowship so very much!

Some time ago a number of brand new sewing machines were donated to Bible Methodist Missions in Mexico. It is our happy privilege to get to hand them out. Here is Sylvia Hernandez, pastor's wife in Saltillo, receiving hers. She had been praying and looking for a sewing machine to make dresses for her daughters for a long time. She was so very happy to receive her machine!

This is Daniel Pena's wife receiving hers. She is a LABI graduate and attends and helps out in the San Rafael Bible Methodist Church. She, too, has wanted her own machine for a long time.

After service, we were invited to the home of our dear friends, Jose and Anna Correa and their family, for lunch. It was SO delicious!!

My boys love their daughter Carla and she loves them!

You can tell by the full mouths and hands poised above our plates that we were right in the middle of enjoying this delicious Mexican meal!

Let's see if I can remember everything: Carne Arrachera (grilled meat), Spanish rice, corn tortillas, 2 types of salsa, salchichas asadas ( grilled sausages), cabuches (sp?) (cactus), delicious cake and coffee for dessert....seems like I'm leaving something out.

Jose and Anna Correa, LABI graduates, co-pastor/youth pastor at our church in Saltillo

Very dear friends of ours...they have 4 children. Deisi, Carla, Jose Luis, and Melissa.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yes, I know

I know - I've been absent from Blogger for awhile. I have reasons. Thanks to those who have missed me... :)
Because of our prolonged absence from our home in Mexico and no immediate medical release for Logan in the near future, we had to pack up our things and store them in Mexico until the time when we can return. We could not continue to pay the rent and utilities and not be living there.
Another factor in that decision was the fact that, if Logan stays stable, we will need to return to raise our Share Support for the next 3 years. If Logan can be released either from the medication completely (which doesn't look likely) or transferred to another specialist in Indiana, then we will begin raising our support this summer, likely stretching until some time in November.
So my Easter weekend was spent packing, cleaning, storing furniture, boxes, etc. You get the picture. We're SO thankful for the Stetlers who helped us tremendously with this huge task! Without them we would still be packing boxes...almost true!
We spent Easter Sunday at our Bible Methodist Church and with our people in Saltillo. It was a wonderful time. I will be back soon to post pictures.
I'm so glad my feet are on Christ, the Solid Rock during all these changes. We firmly believe God is in control and is using the events He's allowed into our lives to work out His will for us. Believe it without a doubt. We are thankful for His leading, His preventing, His allowing, His correcting.....He's in control and we're just doing our best to follow.
I hope your Easter weekend was good.
Love to all!


Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Collingsworth Family

We had the most awesome privilege today - we got to hear the Collingsworth Family in Concert in Corpus Christi, Texas! It was just wonderful. Not only to hear their talented and annointed music, but to visit again with old friends. Thanks, Phil and Kim and kids for ministering to us this morning. We were blessed!

Jordan's Birthday Celebration

Jordan chose Olive Garden as his birthday meal and my "famous" chocolate cake as his birthday cake. As you can see, none of us raised a fuss!

We had a delicious meal, enjoyed cake and watched him open his gifts. His birthday was great!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Jordan is 13!

It's happened - we have a teenager!! Jordan is 13 today and I just can't believe it. Where have 13 years gone? He had a great pre-birthday celebration, complete with Olive Garden, THE chocolate cake and gifts yesterday and today we're heading up to Corpus Christi for his birthday trip. We're staying overnight there and going to hear the Collingsworths in concert tomorrow morning at Trinity Church of the Nazarene - we can't wait!
Have a happy birthday, son. We love you. So proud of you - always.
~ Mom and Dad


Just a word about Logan's doctor appointment on Thursday. The doctor is leaving him on the 2 medications: Zyvox and Vfend for another month. He did say that he would like to see his eye fully recede - no prominence. We would, too! It's still a little prominent. A month from now, he wants a CT scan done to see what's happening inside. Until then, we're to give the meds, keep sunblock on him for the photosensitivity and just wait. Regular bloodwork is being done to check his liver and kidney functions and the condition of his blood. It's protocol for the medications he's on. fPlease keep praying for him!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Grandmothers would be proud

I miss both my Granny Agan and my Grandma Miller and think of them often. My Granny was an excellent seamstress and my Grandma an excellent quilter. Boy, they would be proud if they could see me now...
I just completed my first quilt!

The Winter Volunteer Ladies here on the RGBI campus have an amazing quilt-making and giving ministry. Their quilts go literally around the world. One of those ladies, Judy, taught quilting classes in her home area before coming as a volunteer and she offered to teach me and Cindy, another missionary wife to quilt in the afternoons. So after the boys' schoolwork is done, I have spent 3 weeks or so, quilting in the afternoons. I loved it!

For my first project, I chose a baby quilt, because it was smaller, looked easier, and my friend Cindy had told me how easy her first one was. I think it turned out so good, especially for an amateur like me.
Here's a few photos to tell the story.
Cutting, sewing, piecing together....
My teacher, Judy, and I with the finished quilt top
Such a sweet lady!
My neighbor, good friend and fellow quilter, Cindy

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday at La Florida

The Stetlers and us enjoyed a good service at our Bible Methodist Church in La Florida, Mexico yesterday morning. It is always so good to be with our people and fellowship with them.

We enjoyed the singing and keeping up with several choruses that were new to us (at least to me).

Bro. Elias did a great job teaching the Sunday School lesson. This is the son of Pastor Desiderio who pastors the Bible Methodist Church in San Gabriel, Oaxaca, MX.

After the lesson, Pastor Bernardo (who, by the way, is losing his bachelor status this Friday. His wedding - boda - is Friday at 6 pm!) had a special time of prayer for Logan and for our family. The people were so gracious to assure us of their love and prayers in their testimonies and after service, too.

Cameron did a brave thing yesterday. The younger boys always go to the Spanish Sunday School classes and do their best to participate. Normally after class, the children go up front and sing a song or say their memory verse or something else they learned. Cameron said his memory verse in Spanish in front of the whole church! I was so proud of him. That's not easy to do. I still am very nervous! when I testify or pray aloud in Spanish in a service; not so much in normal conversation anymore.

I had made Rice Krispy Treats to pass out after church. I try to do this occasionally because the people enjoy it so much and I love doing it. Anyway, as everyone was eating their treat, some of the ladies wanted the recipe. There were several words I hadn't practiced that would have really! helped me explaining the recipe....smiles...But we got it figured out and they seemed happy to know how to make them.
We only got stopped once by the Mexican Military that are out "in force" (pardon the pun) because of all the drug violence on the border. We had all the necessary paperwork they were asking for and seemed to pass inspection. In fact, we were used as a training session for a new recruit. Whatever we can do to help....smiles...
Happy Monday to you.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Football and Boys

Some male bonding....over football plays.

You know, I got to thinking - Jordan is turning 13 a week from tomorrow. This is my last week to not have a teenage son for the next 11 years! Scary thought, huh? Talk about transition and those stages of life.

Logan saw his doctor yesterday afternoon - it went well. Doctor is pleased with the progress - still wants to see Logan weekly, but we're staying the course of the 2 oral medications. Thank you, Lord, for your touch on my little guy.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It turned out!

Yay - I did it. It was delicious - and very easy to make. As you can see, Marc was happy and that's what matters.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, Marc

To my awesome "Love Me Tender" husband, Marc (he sang that to me at our wedding), I wish you a very happy birthday. I love you and always will.


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Best-Ever Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake

I've decided to try to make this absolutely scrumptious looking Best-Ever Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake from the Kraft Food and Family Magazine for my dear husband who's turning 38 on Monday. If you know him at all, you'll understand how this will so make his day! Let's hope I can pull it off.

Jordan has a blog!

Our oldest son, Jordan (who, by the way, is turning 13 in a couple weeks!) has decided to start his own blog. He really enjoys writing so he's thinking of posting some of the stories he's written there - along with other things.

Check it out when you have a second at