Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter in Saltillo

I wouldn't take credit for these photos I'm posting...they're Steve's. He made a CD for me - thanks, Steve!

Look at this beautiful Mexican sunset we enjoyed on our trip!

We attended the Easter Sunday morning service at our Bible Methodist Church in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. Here is the Primary Class sharing their Easter Sunday School lesson. Cameron stood and recited his verse in Spanish with his class again - so proud!

The pastor's adorable twin daughters

Here we are with Pastor Dolores and wife Sylvia, LABI graduates. He is the National President of all the Bible Methodist Churches in Mexico. They are wonderful, committed pastors and we enjoy their fellowship so very much!

Some time ago a number of brand new sewing machines were donated to Bible Methodist Missions in Mexico. It is our happy privilege to get to hand them out. Here is Sylvia Hernandez, pastor's wife in Saltillo, receiving hers. She had been praying and looking for a sewing machine to make dresses for her daughters for a long time. She was so very happy to receive her machine!

This is Daniel Pena's wife receiving hers. She is a LABI graduate and attends and helps out in the San Rafael Bible Methodist Church. She, too, has wanted her own machine for a long time.

After service, we were invited to the home of our dear friends, Jose and Anna Correa and their family, for lunch. It was SO delicious!!

My boys love their daughter Carla and she loves them!

You can tell by the full mouths and hands poised above our plates that we were right in the middle of enjoying this delicious Mexican meal!

Let's see if I can remember everything: Carne Arrachera (grilled meat), Spanish rice, corn tortillas, 2 types of salsa, salchichas asadas ( grilled sausages), cabuches (sp?) (cactus), delicious cake and coffee for dessert....seems like I'm leaving something out.

Jose and Anna Correa, LABI graduates, co-pastor/youth pastor at our church in Saltillo

Very dear friends of ours...they have 4 children. Deisi, Carla, Jose Luis, and Melissa.


Teresa said...
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Beth Stetler said...

You left out guacamole. :-)

Missy said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time. I am so happy that you had a good Easter. I missed you and thought about you a lot on Easter. Well...I do all of that everyday, but it seems like holidays are even harder. The food sounds wonderful! CACTUS??!! Oh my word...I am very proud of you, Melodie. You are a great woman. Love you so much...

Tamra said...

Gorgeous sunset! Enjoyed all your photos. It was so good to see Jose and Anna. Looks like they are doing well.

Springer Family said...

Hey! Enjoyed the pictures so much!! The ladies look so THRILLED with their sewing machines! How exciting!

Janella said...

What a sunrise!
The sewing machines are such a neat gift very fun to give I'm sure. Thanks for sharing the pix.Love ya, Janella

Vonnie said...

How neat!! Looks like you had a great time. So wonderful that you could give those ladies a new sewing machine!!

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