Monday, June 29, 2009

The San Rafael Medical Clinic - Day 5

Our first Bible Methodist Medical Clinic effort at our church in the village of San Rafael was a wonderful success! We didn't have quite the turnout of people that we had prepared for, but it was an amazing day nonetheless. And I don't think our nurse, Jackie Bishop, could have possibly worked any harder. She was wonderful!

8 of us were involved in this ministry while the rest of the team went on to a mountain village in Galeana to make some repairs on a small BM chapel there.

The 8 of us were: Jackie Bishop, RN, Bradley Bishop, Kristin Foster, Arlette Makcen, Alicia McIntyre, Chris Lambeth, Jordan and I. Lots of people were treated that day and great contacts were made as the village people came to the church for medical checkups and assistance. The sanctuary and SS rooms were transformed into a clinic and we had the assistance of Pastor Alejandro and his church people with crowd control, set up, etc.

Marc praying with the Team in the San Rafael church before they left for Galeana

Bradley Bishop checking blood pressures

Me, checking blood sugar levels. Jordan's not in the picture, but he was my right hand man all day, keeping me stocked with lancets, alcohol swabs, test strips, gloves. Thanks, Jordan!

Jackie Bishop talking with a patient through Chris Lambeth, translator

Some of the people waiting to see the nurse

Kristin Foster weighing and measuring patients

Alicia McIntyre taking temperatures

Jackie, examing a precious little Mexican baby

I did not get a good picture of Arlette in action, but she served as receptionist, greeting all the people in Spanish, signing them in, helping weigh and measure them and also translating some for Jackie. Hers was the first smiling face people saw when they entered the clinic and it made such a difference that she was able to communicate with them in their own language. :-)
The pastor and church people fed us a delicious meal after the clinic

Pastor Alejandro wanted to thank everyone for their hard work and ministry that day. Everyone gathered on the church porch and Marc translated into Spanish Pastor Alejandro's heartfelt words of gratitude. When he finished, Bro. Ed Durham prayed a prayer of blessing over our day's efforts, the pastor and church, and the community of San Rafael. It was a very special time.

We are so grateful to each of you who donated medical supplies, medicine, and money to this Medical Clinic. God helped us minister in San Rafael and He used you to help make it possible. Thanks SO much to Jackie, our RN, for her hours of work behind the scenes, organizing, gathering supplies and equipment and for working harder than anybody on Saturday. We love you, Jackie - may God reward you for your efforts here in Mexico.

Thanks also to Bro. Ed Durham, state side Team Coordinator, for his help in gathering medical supplies.

The supplies and medical packets left over will be stored here in Mexico for our next Clinic effort, hopefully in just a few months. The packets each person received contained vitamins, bandaids, Tylenol, a toothbrush, toothpaste and a Gospel tract in Spanish.

Thank you again to everyone!

Fun on Friday Night

After several days of hard work, we all took a break Friday night. We went to eat at Las Brazas, made a Starbucks stop :-), then headed up to El Mirador - The Overlook - to see Saltillo at night. It's beautiful.

Santa Apolonia Project - Days 3 & 4

On Thursday and Friday, the men of the team (and Logan) went to the small town of Santa Apolonia about an hour and a half from the US border to remodel our Bible Methodist church there, in great need of repairs. Here's a few pictures for you.

Ripping off the old siding

Logan loves to work...he'd rather work than play. :-)
Starting to put on the new siding

Taking a mid-day break in the unreal heat!

A "new" church - it looks great!

Thanks to this awesome team of hard-working guys! And thanks to those of you who donated money for this project - we appreciate it so much.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Work and Ministry Team Days 1-3; Saltillo Project

The Team arrived Tuesday afternoon, unloaded, got settled in, went to Home Depot to purchase a few supplies, ate supper at our home and got started on the Saltillo Project bright and early Wednesday morning. It was a full day of work (and fun..smiles..). The Team was able to get so much accomplished, despite the rainshower mid-day and the drizzle that threatened us a couple more times. The Lord held off the rain and helped us finish up what we had planned to do. This team is fantastic - every one of them dug in and worked hard all day. They laid block, painted the inside of the church, fixed electrical issues, replaced windowsills, cleaned, painted the guest house, and more!

Mark Foster repairing several windowsills in the church.

Kristin Foster, Alicia McIntyre, Arlette Makcen, and Bradley and Jackie Bishop started off their day painting the church.

Paul McIntyre's electrical expertise came in very handy!

Bro. Ed Durham, state-side Team Coordinator and Logan making concrete mud together.

Hna. Felicitas fixing us a delicious lunch of carne guisada, arroz and tortillas.

Working on the wall... Craig McLaughlin, Chris Lambeth, Ed Durham and Cameron. Jordan was sick that day and spent most of the day in bed. :-(

Enjoying that delicious Mexican food...Brennan, our intern, has been a tremendous help with the preparation for this Work and Ministry Team and Marc's "right arm" on Wednesday. Thanks, Brennan, for everything!

Mark Foster and Matt Linko, laying more block. The last task of the day was to paint over that grafitti on the parsonage outside wall. Looks so much better!

Sylvia and I making "elotes" for the Team for an afternoon snack. So good! Corn on the cob on a stick, spread with mayonnaise or butter, sprinkled with chili powder. Love it!

Sylvia was in charge of the noon meal and a snack for the Team on Wednesday - she did a great job! Gracias, Hna. Pastor Dolores worked right along side of the men and was a great help as well. Thank the Lord for safety as we worked and for helping us get so much accomplished.
Yesterday morning, Marc, Logan, Brennan and the men of the team headed northeast to the Santa Apolonia Project. They should arrive back in Saltillo any time and we're looking forward to going to eat at Las Brazas tonight as a group. Keep checking back for news and pictures of the SA Project.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I wish my dad Henry Miller and my father in law, Leonard Sankey a very happy Father's Day - you're wonderful and we love you both!

Also to Marc, the love of my life...Happy Father's Day! You are an amazing dad to our 3 boys. If they can be half the man you are, I'll be happy. Thank you for every sacrifice you make for them and me and for taking such good care of us. I love you.

I posted last year's picture, you could see how much the boys have grown. :-) Time is passing too quickly! We have to enjoy the moments...this

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday, Mom - wish we could be together on your special day. We love you!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our 17th Wedding Anniversary

17 years ago today, the most wonderful man made me his wife. I love you, Marc, and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. ~ Melodie

Photo by Brennan

Friday, June 19, 2009

Cameron's Bday pictures

A few pictures I took of Cameron after supper tonight..I had some other backyard photo ops in mind, but it started raining. That's ok - I'll take the rain. Brought the temp down to a cool 79! yay!

Cameron's 12th Birthday

Cameron had a fun 12th birthday. It coincided with our most recent Valley trip and that made him happy. :-)
Starting the day off right - opening his gifts. Thanks to everyone who sent him birthday gifts. :-)

Subway was his choice of lunch.

He got to spend some time in the afternoon at The Zone - a very fun place for kids!

He loved having Brennan here to celebrate with him. :-)

Playing putt-putt

Brennan and Jordan playing checkers at Cracker Barrel.

Me and my middle boy. :-)

Cameron requested for his birthday treat: chocolate cake with homemade Hershey's Chocolate Frosting, chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup. That boy's a Sankey, for sure! So here it is. :-) Also some of his gifts to the right: 2 Adventures in Odyssey CD sets and an XBOX game.

Marc and his boy...the one who shares his middle name, his sense of humor and his beautiful blue eyes.

The whole clan of us tonight...chicken fajitas for supper and birthday cake for dessert. Looks like Jazhiel (our pastor's son, here on a sleepover with Logan) just couldn't take his eyes off that (Brennan's kinda blending in with the bookcase there).

Summer Work and Ministry Team

Excitement is high! Our 11-memberWork and Ministry Team is arriving on Tuesday! Our family and Brennan are busily preparing guest quarters, meal plans, accomodations, work projects, medical ministry details (SO excited about this), and more!

Those coming are: Ed Durham, Craig McLaughlin, Mark and Kristin Foster, Bradley and Jackie Bishop, Chris Lambeth, Paul and Alicia McIntyre, Arlette Makcen, and Marc's cousin Matt Linko. We are so excited to have them here with us!

Please pray that God will give the team traveling protection; that He would give us His success in ministry and work projects, and that souls would be won to Jesus through our efforts.

Stay tuned for pictures of the Team's arrival and activities while they're here!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy 12th Birthday, Cameron!

12 years ago this morning, a precious little bundle was placed in our arms....another boy....7 lbs 7 oz....we named him Cameron Marc Sankey.....we were so happy.

Cameron, you have brought so much joy and laughter to our home - we love you, son.

Happy 12th birthday!
Mom and Dad

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Greenest Place in Saltillo

We have passed this park lots of times on the highway in Saltillo and Friday night, we decided to go and see what it was like. Definitely the greenest place around - it was beautiful.

Brennan and our boys trying out the playground.. :-) (while trying to hold onto their Starbucks cups)

Cameron having fun

My hot, sweaty younger boys just after running out of the Shrub Maze. I hate those things! :-)

The grass was so green and thick - we were all amazed. Thick green grass is just one of those rare things you don't take for granted when you live in Saltillo, Mexico. :-)

While the guys tossed the Frisbee, Marc and I sat on the grass and just enjoyed talking and catching up. I am so blessed with the wonderful man God gave me as my husband almost 17 years ago. This Saturday marks 17 years as his wife - I love you, Marc.

As we were leaving, we passed this little fruit cart. Check out the beautifully sculptured fruit sprinkled with chili powder! The fruit you see there is coconut (in the back), jicama (white fruit on the sticks) and mango (yellow fruit on the sticks) - yummy!

It was a great way to spend a couple hours on a Friday night. The boys are already asking to go back. :-)