Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sunday Night in San Rafael

On Sunday night, Brennan and our family visited and ministered in our Bible Methodist Church in San Rafael. It is always wonderful to be with Pastor Alejandro and family and the great people at San Rafael - some of the best!

Cameron enjoyed playing guitar with Brennan and Hno. Rolando

Brennan sang a trio with Marc and me, accompanied Marc, Jordan and me to sing a song and gave his testimony - Marc translated.

Marc preached the evening sermon and afterwards asked Pastor Alejandro and family to come forward and have the church people surround them and pray a special prayer of blessing and encouragement for them. Marc has done this in almost all of our churches now over the past few months. I've enjoyed seeing it happen - I think it's been a wonderful idea.

The people passed by and shook hands, gave hugs and words of encouragement to Pastor Alejandro and his wife Adalia.

At the close of the service, Hno. Rolando, director of children's ministry, presented their planned theme for this year's VBS. They will be painting this picture you see on life-size props that will cover the front of the church. He has a fantastic ministry program planned and enlists the help of all the church people in this outreach. He plans to hold this VBS here at San Rafael one week, and in our BM church in La Boca the next week.
Thanks to those of you who have already responded to help him with supplies for these weeks of VBS. It will be a huge blessing to Bro. Rolando, a wonderful Mexican brother committed to reaching the children in this area with the Gospel.

Cameron enjoyed handing out candy after church. Everyone lines up for their handful. :-)

After the service, we enjoyed a delicious meal at the pastors' home, with the church people who were invited to join us. Great times, great memories!


Missy said...

I am so enjoying your posts! I wish so badly that we could visit again and go to the little village churches. Going to the Cuchicuato (sp-?) church was my favorite service that we attended. It was precious! And we got to hear Marc preach a whole sermon in Spanish! That was great!

I pray for you, sister! Lots of love to all of you!

Beth Stetler said...

good post! miss being there.