Friday, June 5, 2009

Our First Few Days with Brennan

Brennan has spent the better part of 3 days working at the Saltillo parsonage with Pastor Dolores, as well as helping teach the English class on Monday night and playing his guitar in the Wednesday night service. Everyone is happy to have him here and "on the team".

He has spent time giving Cameron 2 guitar lessons...Cameron's just lovin' it!

Here's a few pictures to share with you.

Eating together at a local open air restaurant.

Painting in the heat...even caught him with a smile on his face. :-)

Jordan, getting in on the work.

Maybe more fun than work here.

Trying to make this go cart run on the sidewalk in front of the church.

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Pastor Roger and wife Rachael said...

Just want you to know you've been prayed for! Love reading your blog! Thanks for sharing with us.
God Bless, Rachael