Friday, June 19, 2009

Cameron's 12th Birthday

Cameron had a fun 12th birthday. It coincided with our most recent Valley trip and that made him happy. :-)
Starting the day off right - opening his gifts. Thanks to everyone who sent him birthday gifts. :-)

Subway was his choice of lunch.

He got to spend some time in the afternoon at The Zone - a very fun place for kids!

He loved having Brennan here to celebrate with him. :-)

Playing putt-putt

Brennan and Jordan playing checkers at Cracker Barrel.

Me and my middle boy. :-)

Cameron requested for his birthday treat: chocolate cake with homemade Hershey's Chocolate Frosting, chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup. That boy's a Sankey, for sure! So here it is. :-) Also some of his gifts to the right: 2 Adventures in Odyssey CD sets and an XBOX game.

Marc and his boy...the one who shares his middle name, his sense of humor and his beautiful blue eyes.

The whole clan of us tonight...chicken fajitas for supper and birthday cake for dessert. Looks like Jazhiel (our pastor's son, here on a sleepover with Logan) just couldn't take his eyes off that (Brennan's kinda blending in with the bookcase there).

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