Friday, June 26, 2009

Work and Ministry Team Days 1-3; Saltillo Project

The Team arrived Tuesday afternoon, unloaded, got settled in, went to Home Depot to purchase a few supplies, ate supper at our home and got started on the Saltillo Project bright and early Wednesday morning. It was a full day of work (and fun..smiles..). The Team was able to get so much accomplished, despite the rainshower mid-day and the drizzle that threatened us a couple more times. The Lord held off the rain and helped us finish up what we had planned to do. This team is fantastic - every one of them dug in and worked hard all day. They laid block, painted the inside of the church, fixed electrical issues, replaced windowsills, cleaned, painted the guest house, and more!

Mark Foster repairing several windowsills in the church.

Kristin Foster, Alicia McIntyre, Arlette Makcen, and Bradley and Jackie Bishop started off their day painting the church.

Paul McIntyre's electrical expertise came in very handy!

Bro. Ed Durham, state-side Team Coordinator and Logan making concrete mud together.

Hna. Felicitas fixing us a delicious lunch of carne guisada, arroz and tortillas.

Working on the wall... Craig McLaughlin, Chris Lambeth, Ed Durham and Cameron. Jordan was sick that day and spent most of the day in bed. :-(

Enjoying that delicious Mexican food...Brennan, our intern, has been a tremendous help with the preparation for this Work and Ministry Team and Marc's "right arm" on Wednesday. Thanks, Brennan, for everything!

Mark Foster and Matt Linko, laying more block. The last task of the day was to paint over that grafitti on the parsonage outside wall. Looks so much better!

Sylvia and I making "elotes" for the Team for an afternoon snack. So good! Corn on the cob on a stick, spread with mayonnaise or butter, sprinkled with chili powder. Love it!

Sylvia was in charge of the noon meal and a snack for the Team on Wednesday - she did a great job! Gracias, Hna. Pastor Dolores worked right along side of the men and was a great help as well. Thank the Lord for safety as we worked and for helping us get so much accomplished.
Yesterday morning, Marc, Logan, Brennan and the men of the team headed northeast to the Santa Apolonia Project. They should arrive back in Saltillo any time and we're looking forward to going to eat at Las Brazas tonight as a group. Keep checking back for news and pictures of the SA Project.


Beth Stetler said...

so good to read about all the great things that are happening! hooray for work teams! :0)

Hannah said...

Great pics! I really enjoy your blog. You guys are doing a great job! Blessings.