Monday, June 1, 2009

Goodbye and Hello

This morning we waved goodbye to Marc's sister and brother in law, Beth and Steve Stetler and Kent - our missionary coworkers. They are leaving the field and heading north for their Share Support Tour, returning after Christmas. We will certainly miss them while they're gone and pray God's blessings on them as they travel.

The church in Saltillo had special prayer for the Stetlers and a "saying goodbye" line after the service yesterday morning.

Enjoying Sunday roast beef dinner together. Cameron's not in the picture since he was spending the afternoon with his Mexican friend, Miguel.

Whew - that sun is bright! Just getting ready to take off...

We all hugged necks, prayed, waved, said goodbye when suddenly we realized they weren't leaving...Beth had to run back inside to get her can of Diet Coke she had left somewhere in the house... :-) now that's liking Diet Coke!

Sometimes it seems that a big part of serving God in foreign missions is leaving and arriving, coming and going......We said goodbye this morning, but hello this evening.... to our Missions Intern Brennan Muir.
We are so excited to have him here ministering with us for 6 weeks in Mexico. Marc arrived back in Saltillo after picking him at the Monterrey airport...they arrived halfway through the English class tonight, and immediately he began his internship. :-) He and I took several of the students to a separate room to practice the conversation they need to memorize for next week.
He jumped right in and was a great help!
After class we headed to the HEB Food Court to eat, then got him settled in the mission guest house we operate here in Saltillo.
Brennan, glad to have you here - looking forward to the next 6 weeks!

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Beth Stetler said...

we miss you already and are disappointed we didn't get to be with Brennan.