Friday, September 28, 2007

ok...ok...I'm Tagged!

Thanks to everyone who has tagged me - just haven't had time to sit down and write.

I would say that there are many things that you can find out about me by reading my blog, but maybe these would be a few "lesser known" facts - who knows.....

1. I am the oldest of 4 children born to parents who were told they could never have children. Guess that makes me a miracle...smiles...

2. I grew up with only sisters, and now am raising only boys - 3 of them.

3. I thank God every day for the amazing husband He gave me and for 3 healthy children - I am so blessed.

4. Although I am almost ready to complete 2 years (in January) of my quest to learn Spanish, I have so much more to learn. Fluency seems a long way off.

5. I absolutely adore Orville Redenbacher Kettle Korn, icy frappucinos, and that "famous" Mexican snack called elotes. Check older posts to find out what it is.

6. I learned to swim as an adult, although it has not completely taken away my fear of water.

7. I am striving to become more like Jesus, in my public and private life - to show Him to others, to live surrendered and committed every single day, to resist temptation to be discontented, and to embrace what He's doing in my life. That is my desire.

Ok - let's see. Who hasn't been tagged?

Sarah Holden, Julie Millard, Tamra Craycraft and Stephanie Phillips......if you've been tagged more than once, I know how you feel...smiles...
Have a great weekend, everybody!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Work Days 6 & 7

....And the work goes on. So much is being accomplished and we thank the Lord for His help. We also thank Him for His hand on Philip Burch yesterday. He cut his hand badly requiring 10 - 12 stitches, but it could have been a lot worse. Of course, it didn't really slow him down - he came straight back from getting it stitched up and was right back to work.

Here's a few pictures of the guys working and of the delicious lunch the HIM church ladies fixed for everyone - enchiladas rojas (red enchiladas). They were fantastic!

Marc and Deron

Deron and Gerald



But the guys aren't the only ones working. Here's Missy making great use of my clotheslines.

Caden loves everyone....and they love him!

Now we're just relaxing.....

Logan having fun with cousins, Braxton and Caden

Monday, September 24, 2007

Work Days 4 & 5 and the Weekend

Work Days 4 and 5 went great and much has already been accomplished. An extra pair of hands was available during those days - Jonathan and Renee Springer and children arrived late Thursday night and Jonathan added his skills to the work on those days. Renee and I had a great time visiting, preparing food, caring for children, etc. Our family fell in love with their adorable kids, Kylie and Korey! Thanks, Jonathan and Renee for taking time out of your schedule to come down and help us - we really appreciate it. And thanks, Jonathan for helping us sing on Sunday morning - that was fun.

On Saturday evening, 3 more pairs of willing hands have joined the team: Pastor Deron Fourman, Mike Butcher and Craig McLaughlin. They arrived at the building about 6:00 and literally minutes later, were assisting in the clean-up for Sunday. We all went to eat tacos al pastor together - I must say, they loved them!

Yesterday was a great day. The day started off in a fantastic way for me - my sister and family arrived!! Gerald and Missy, Braxton and Caden arrived on the bus from Reynosa, Mexico - an all-night ride, after having flown to McAllen, TX from Columbus, OH - and we were SOO happy to see them! It is quite an accomplishment to ride a night bus 12 hours with 2 little ones, but Missy and Gerald are troopers and they did great. Thanks, Steve and Beth, for your help on that end, helping them get across the border, get tourist papers, and on the right bus! Missy and Gerald will be staying through this weekend and of course, Gerald will be giving a full week of work at the project.

Pastor Fourman preached through an translator(Philip Burch, one of the best, by the way) at the HIM church in the morning, then Craig McLaughlin preached in our Bible Methodist Church in Cuchicuato last night (how great that he needs no translator!).

The ladies of the HIM church fixed us a meal yesterday - a soup called pozole. They eat it with tostadas spread with mayonnaise, lettuce, lime, etc. It was spicy, to say the least - but very tasty. Thank you, ladies.

Now it's Monday and work is in full swing. Our Bible Methodist pastor and assistant pastor, Bro. Sanchez and Bro. Cruz have arrived at the building and are spending this day working as well. We are so thankful for the great cooperative spirit that is being manifested in this endeavor.

It's time for homeschool for the boys and then Jordan will be spending his second afternoon working at the project today. The boys have taken turns assisting - thanks, guys!

Happy Monday!


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Work Day # 3

This is the third day of some pretty back-breaking, sledge hammer swinging, work going on at the HIM building that we will be utilizing for our Bible Institute until our permanent Bible Methodist campus is built.

John Dykes has arrived and he, Marc, and Philip Burch haven't wasted any time getting going - along with the great help of some boys who are just having too much fun to know it's work.

Looking forward to reinforcements arriving soon: Jonathan Springer (and family) sometime this evening, and others are on the way: My brother in law, sister and kids, Gerald and Missy Miller, Craig McLaughlin, Deron Fourman and Mike Butcher.

Nice chair, Marc

Think Logan's scared?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mexican Flan...and Friends

On Sunday, we invited some of our friends from the church here in Salamanca, Tino and Yanet and their adorable very blonde little boy, "Faustinito" over for Sunday dinner. I served them roast beef, potatoes, and carrots, green beans, rolls.....the typical "Sunday dinner". I wasn't sure what they'd think but they loved it. I didn't take pics of what I cooked, but I had to take some of the dessert that Yanet brought to share with us - Mexican flan.

So beautifully done and "garnished", and it tasted delicious. I will say, I have had flan in the past that I didn't care for. This was different - very rich and creamy with a delicious caramel sauce over it. Yum!

Yanet helping me serve the Flan.

We had fun eating and visiting with our friends. They are so very kind to us, patient with our Spanish, and most of all, they both really love the Lord and their lives exhibit that love. When I was gone recently from Salamanca, Yanet helped me so much by teaching my Sunday School class for me and did a great job. The Lord is helping them grow in grace, and we are really thankful to have them as our friends.


What a cutie!

Dessert, anyone?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Work Weeks

Well, here I am, blogging a week later. Where did last week go?

This is an exciting day because it begins the 2 (or 3) work weeks that we are assisting with here at the HIM church/future Institute building here in Salamanca. We have a wonderful crew of workers on their way to help - they'll be arriving at different times throughout the 2 weeks and staying to work as their schedules allow them.

I'm really looking forward to fellowshipping with them and helping host/entertain/provide meals, etc. Collette Burch and I are working together to see everyone has a good bed and some good food to keep them going...smiles...

The workers I'm MOST excited about seeing are my brother in law and sister, Gerald and Missy Miller and my 2 little nephews: Braxton and Caden. They'll be staying a little more than a week to help work in the building and spend some time with us. I can't wait to see them!

Well, the homeschool duties are calling, so I better wrap this up.

Happy Monday to you all!


Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy Grandparents Day

Happy Grandparents Day....a day late. My boys are so blessed with wonderful grandparents, because Marc and I have such great parents! Here's a photo of all of us taken last fall at the Language School Campus.

"We did tell our grandparents Happy Grandparents Day yesterday but my mom is just getting around to posting about it today. We love you, Papaw and Grandma Sankey and Papaw and Mamoo Miller!" - Jordan, Cameron, and Logan
Yesterday was a sad day in a way for me - it was the first Grandparents Day that I have not had a living grandparent. My Grandpa Miller passed away in the month of May, making the complete set of my grandparents to safely make it to their home and reward in Heaven. I miss you, Granny and Grandaddy Agan, and Grandpa and Grandma Miller but I know I'll see you in Heaven. I love you all!
Marc is blessed to still have one grandparent living: his Grandma Ferguson, and what a special lady she is! We love you, Grandma!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Quiet Place

It's much sought after, isn't it? I know for me it is. And sometimes hard to find. Raising 3 boys doesn't allow for much quiet. I have to be purposeful about finding that quiet place, and how it calms me when I do. I remember one particular finding of that place this summer as we traveled. I found it walking the quiet country road that winds past the home of my in-laws. God's whisper made it's way to me through the breeze in the tall trees surrounding their home and I felt Him so close to me. Maybe one of these days the quiet place will be easier to find - right now, I'll enjoy it when I can.

(Pictured: my in-law's deck and back yard)