Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Work Days 6 & 7

....And the work goes on. So much is being accomplished and we thank the Lord for His help. We also thank Him for His hand on Philip Burch yesterday. He cut his hand badly requiring 10 - 12 stitches, but it could have been a lot worse. Of course, it didn't really slow him down - he came straight back from getting it stitched up and was right back to work.

Here's a few pictures of the guys working and of the delicious lunch the HIM church ladies fixed for everyone - enchiladas rojas (red enchiladas). They were fantastic!

Marc and Deron

Deron and Gerald



But the guys aren't the only ones working. Here's Missy making great use of my clotheslines.

Caden loves everyone....and they love him!

Now we're just relaxing.....

Logan having fun with cousins, Braxton and Caden


Vonnie said...

Looks like everything is coming along. It is so fun to see the pictures. Please tell Deron I said hello. We were such good friends when we were at GBS. The enchiladas look awesome!! And that is an awefully nice picture of my dear brother!! Love to you all.

Lavy Country said...

Wow -- a whole lot of work is getting done around there! And hopefully lots of good fellowship happening, too. I am so happy you are getting to visit with your family and friends. I'm sure you are enjoying it.
Love, wl

mama2ryleigh said...

Those enchiladas look heavenly! Jeff & I have been sitting her drooling over them & wishing we could be there to help out! It sounds like you're keeping very busy, but I'm sure you're enjoying having some of your family with you!

By the way, I'm tagging you. (Check out my blog to see what I mean.)

Springer Family said...

I can see so much progress!!! I can't wait to see it next month!! :-) The food looks great! BTW, I'm making your recipe for chicken enchiladas this week!! They were some of the best I've eatin!!

Anonymous said...

So glad for all the updates on the work crew. Also, so very glad Missy, Gerald and the boys got to come. I am happy for ya. The food all looked good. The flan looked really good. I have had some at ElRancho but it did not look like that.

Love ya all

Shamara Ray said...

Sis. Sankey, I have just learned about this blogging. I like to read your family blog about once a week and see all the interesting things you are doing there in Mexico. It is good to see God working through people who are willing. We pray for you all daily. We hope to come and see you and your work there sometime next year. We have applied to renew our passports and come with the Alabama youth group. I wrote to your son first. I remembered speaking with him at Pell City Camp this year. One day I hope to have a blog page, but until then I will keep looking at yours and Sis. Gurnee's blog.
Blessings to you!

Tamra said...

What a cute bunch of kids!