Monday, September 24, 2007

Work Days 4 & 5 and the Weekend

Work Days 4 and 5 went great and much has already been accomplished. An extra pair of hands was available during those days - Jonathan and Renee Springer and children arrived late Thursday night and Jonathan added his skills to the work on those days. Renee and I had a great time visiting, preparing food, caring for children, etc. Our family fell in love with their adorable kids, Kylie and Korey! Thanks, Jonathan and Renee for taking time out of your schedule to come down and help us - we really appreciate it. And thanks, Jonathan for helping us sing on Sunday morning - that was fun.

On Saturday evening, 3 more pairs of willing hands have joined the team: Pastor Deron Fourman, Mike Butcher and Craig McLaughlin. They arrived at the building about 6:00 and literally minutes later, were assisting in the clean-up for Sunday. We all went to eat tacos al pastor together - I must say, they loved them!

Yesterday was a great day. The day started off in a fantastic way for me - my sister and family arrived!! Gerald and Missy, Braxton and Caden arrived on the bus from Reynosa, Mexico - an all-night ride, after having flown to McAllen, TX from Columbus, OH - and we were SOO happy to see them! It is quite an accomplishment to ride a night bus 12 hours with 2 little ones, but Missy and Gerald are troopers and they did great. Thanks, Steve and Beth, for your help on that end, helping them get across the border, get tourist papers, and on the right bus! Missy and Gerald will be staying through this weekend and of course, Gerald will be giving a full week of work at the project.

Pastor Fourman preached through an translator(Philip Burch, one of the best, by the way) at the HIM church in the morning, then Craig McLaughlin preached in our Bible Methodist Church in Cuchicuato last night (how great that he needs no translator!).

The ladies of the HIM church fixed us a meal yesterday - a soup called pozole. They eat it with tostadas spread with mayonnaise, lettuce, lime, etc. It was spicy, to say the least - but very tasty. Thank you, ladies.

Now it's Monday and work is in full swing. Our Bible Methodist pastor and assistant pastor, Bro. Sanchez and Bro. Cruz have arrived at the building and are spending this day working as well. We are so thankful for the great cooperative spirit that is being manifested in this endeavor.

It's time for homeschool for the boys and then Jordan will be spending his second afternoon working at the project today. The boys have taken turns assisting - thanks, guys!

Happy Monday!



Anonymous said...

Wow my second post on a blog.I can't believe it. Anyway, Thanx Melodie for all the nice things you said about us, here's hopin it was all true.LOL. We truely enjoy working,hangin out and all that stuff while we were there. I also enjoyed singin with "famous" people on Sunday.Tell Marc one day I'll have a CD. Anyway enough rambling.We have more to tell you about our trip home and what we found here. Once again God provided His protection and help to our little family and we thank Him for it. Renee will have to email you all that happend.THanx once again for everything and looking forward to seeing you guys again soon.


Katie and the boys said...

"TAG" you're it! Check out my blog to find out what you are supposed to do now.

The Holdens said...

Thank you for all of the updates. It looks like a lot of work and a lot of fune. I wish we were there to help!