Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Elotes - Yum!

Ok - gotta introduce you to this wonderful Mexican snack called Elotes. When Rita Tomes first told me about this in the market in Progreso, I thought it sounded gross - until I tried it. Thanks, Sis. Rita! It is simply delicious! (Although my dad would disagree)

Here's what it is: Whole kernel corn (they use field corn down here), topped with mayonnaise, then Parmesan cheese and chile en polvo (chili powder). Then squeeze a liberal amount of lime juice over it, salt it good and enjoy!

Last night I had a craving for this snack and they make and sell them in the plaza (town square) here in Salamanca. Since there is basically no parking place to be had, we switched drivers - in the middle of the street; I drove around the block until Marc had time to run over to the vendor, order, pay and run back to the same spot to be picked up. I know - he's pretty great, isn't he?

Got an idea - Anthony and Marci and kids are arriving today and while they're here, we'll be sure to introduce them to this snack! What do you think - think they'll like it? Let me know. (I suppose Anthony's out - he hates mayonnaise)
Think Beth likes it? She tried it in San Miguel...

Have a great day ~ que tenga un buen dia ~

Thursday, July 26, 2007


To connect with these people has to be one of our greatest joys as missionaries. Some of them are a little reticent until we show the desire to converse and connect in their language - their response is always warm, always. They are very patient and seem to enjoy helping us - supplying words, phrases, going far beyond the 2nd mile to understand and assist us.

Here are Marc and Logan - just connecting.....

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Visit with Stetlers and Our Trip

Hi - I'm back after a wonderful weekend and a very profitable visit in our home with our new missionaries, Steve and Beth Stetler (brother and sister in law) and Maria and Kent. We felt the Lord's presence with us as we talked and planned and witnessed Him opening doors and answering prayer in the work here in Mexico.

Here we are enjoying those awesome tacos al pastor.

Sunday found us ministering in the HIM church here in Salamanca (Steve preached with Philip Burch translating; Marc, Beth, and I sang) and ministering in our Bible Methodist church in Cuchicuato Sunday evening (Marc preached and he, Beth and I sang) As Marc started to preach, a sudden rainstorm on the tin roof threatened to disrupt things, but he just upped the volume and preached through it.

We were so privileged to present Pastor Refugio Sanchez with a beautiful Spanish Thompson Chain Reference Bible with his name engraved on the front. Thanks, President Sams and Pastor Durr, who made this gift possible for their Mexican brother. He was so very happy to receive it.

On Monday and Tuesday we enjoyed visiting a volcano and San Miguel de Allende with Stetlers.

Ducking down to get through the tunnel leading into the volcano

Yes, those 4 specks on the crater floor are really people!

Our Trip

As I said, it spanned 5,750 miles, 13 states and of course, Mexico. We had a great time, as we had anticipated.

A familiar scene during many of those miles...
First week: The Lord really helped Marc preach at the Alabama Bible Methodist Camp in Pell City. I always love to hear my husband preach, but it had been awhile since I'd heard him preach in English - that was a special treat. I heard him reach for the word in English a few times, as the Spanish equivalent was what his mouth was more used to forming. A highlight of the camp was the Thursday Missions Service and Commissioning for the Stetlers.

Marc had his first experience translating - for Bro. Santiago Hernandez who was present for this service and gave words of greeting from Mexico. His first time and in front of hundreds of people...smiles...He did great!

Jordan and Cameron having fun with Jesse Keep

And of course, getting to be with my parents, my sister and family, aunt, uncle, and cousins and the wonderful Alabama people was wonderful!

Second week: We took several days to relax and have fun with my two younger sisters and their families. The weekend was spent in Franklin with Shane and Tamra Craycraft and kids (thanks for everything!) and lots of special friends there. Please check Tamra and Janella's blogs for pics of our time together. Sunday dinner at the Snellings was amazing, as always. Lots of scrumptious food and great fellowship!

My wonderful friend, Tamra and I

Cute kids or what?

Third week: Marc gave a Mexico update and preached at his dad's church in Bedford, Indiana on Sunday night of the second week, then we spent a few days with Marc's parents, had some dental appointments, and a great picnic at Spring Mill State Park. We enjoyed some special request, "homemade by Grandma" meals while we were in Indiana - so delicious! We headed for the border on Thursday morning, joined forces with Stetlers and headed for Salamanca Saturday morning, making 3 weeks to the day that we had been gone.

We are happy to be back home and back into the work God has called us to do. We thank Him for His protection over the many miles driven - certainly His hand kept us safe and we thank Him.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Home Again!

Wow - it feels like forever since I've blogged and let me tell you, I've experienced withdrawals. I guess I hadn't realized how much I enjoyed doing this.

I cannot post what I want to right now - we're in the middle of our very busy Sunday, but I promise a "report" and pics of our 13-state, 1 foreign country, 5,750 mile trip very soon. Actually I don't know how many pics I can post because my camera officially died during our trip. Thanks to the generous gift of a friend, we were able to purchase a new camera - it is so necessary in our line of work - to help make the connection visually between our churches and pastors here in Mexico and our churches in the States.

Besides that, how can you truly blog without a great camera, right?

Steve, Beth and kids are with us for a few days and we're having a great time. Right now we're preparing to drive out to our village church in Cuchicuato to attend the evening service....and lots more plans for the next few days.

I loved checking everyone's blogs and getting reconnected with your lives.

I cannot say adequately what a wonderful time we had at Pell City and spending time with family and friends. But now we're glad to be back in Mexico, where God has called us to serve Him.

More later.....