Thursday, January 31, 2008

A New Twist

Logan and Grandma Sankey

Hi, everyone. Here's the latest on Logan. The second pathology report from the biopsy revealed a fungal component mixed with the what-had-been infectious material behind and beside his eye. Knowing this and seeing as how the week of steroids he just took didn't help the proptosis/eye bulging, as of today the Infectious Disease doctor has decided to "shift gears" and target the fungus that he apparently has in his ethmoid sinus extending into the orbit of the eye. She has put him on VERY expensive anti-fungal therapy for an indefinite amount of time. He starts that new medicine tomorrow; he is still taking the Vancomycin by PICC line at least until the middle of February. He is to be tested for tuberculosis, have a chest x-ray taken, and more blood drawn to pinpoint the kind of fungus present - all in the next few days.

The good news is that fungus is treatable, even though it is "slow to grow, slow to go". We do know that he has chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps - basically what the ENT called sinus disease. It could be the case that all of this caused the fungus to grow/develop even over a long period of time - we don't know how long.

The proptosis is beginning to cause Logan some pain - more than before. We are really in hopes that treating the fungus will allow the inflammation to recede, thus allowing the eye to fall back into its normal orbit.

But due to how the situation seems to be stabilizing at least for a couple weeks, Marc is planning to keep his commitment to Sea Breeze Camp 2008 in Hobe Sound, Florida as one of the main evangelists and he will be flying out a week from today. Jordan and Cameron are SO excited, because they get to go with him! Logan and I will stay here and "get better" - we hope and pray. We'll definitely be logging on to as many services as we possibly can.

Logan turns 9 a week from tomorrow - he's coming up with his plan to celebrate! Just so it includes being tied to an IV pole every few hours....

Thanks for your prayers for all of us.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Second Pathology Report

Logan playing chess with his buddy, Joshua

Hi from a very chilly, rainy Valley - it's 47 degrees and to us "Texans" it feels much colder!

We received the second pathology report from Logan's biopsy of last week and it was a confirmation of the first results - inflammation resulting from this major infection he has had. Thankfully the cultures taken at the time of the biopsy didn't grow MRSA, as happened before. However, the real test will be to see what happens when this 2nd long course of IV Vancomycin is finished - we hope we're winning the battle against this resistant bug.

Logan is 3 days into oral steroids to shrink the orbital inflammation that is causing his eye to bulge. I am not seeing dramatic improvement, nor am I seeing it getting worse. The doctor wants to prescribe this medication week by week and observe him in the office to see what's happening clinically. More patience is needed to just wait this out and see what happens.

Waiting....watching...praying....that seems to be what God wants us to do right now. Our hearts are in Mexico with our people but we're doing our best as God helps us to leave that in His hands. We are thanking Him many times a day for answered prayer, His touch on Logan, and for how He is working this for our good. It doesn't feel good to Logan or to us, but we know that whatever draws us closer to Him and conforms us more into the image of His dear Son is good, indeed.

Again, I want to say thank you for the tremendous prayer support. We have felt carried by your prayers many times during this ordeal. When we feel so weak, God's people are fighting the battle for us. Thank you.

Oh, and how could I forget this? Grandma Sankey arrived last night to spend a few days with us! We're so excited to get to see her! Of course, we have to share her with Uncle Steve, Aunt Beth, and Kent. Or are they sharing her with us?...smiles...either way, I know we're going to have a good time.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

First Pathology Report

Waiting for the biopsy

The first pathology report has come back on Logan's biopsy. The wonderful news is the reports show no cancer - thank the Lord! What it does show is a jumble of cells, apparently the result of the infection he has had. The word they are attaching to it right now is "pseudotumor". Another sample of the biopsy has been sent to a lab in Dallas, TX for further analysis. We meet again with the doctor on Tuesday to hopefully discuss the second pathology results and to talk about treatment for Logan. At this point, he's still on the IV Vancomycin via his PICC line and we're infusing those meds at home here on the campus.

Waking up after the biopsy

We feel like this good news is a direct answer to prayer, and we are thanking God for His goodness. Thank you again for your prayers and support.

The campus family here at Rio Grande Bible Institute has taken Logan as a special prayer burden, praying for him in the classrooms, staff gatherings, volunteer devotions, etc. Nearly everyone I pass on the campus reassures us that they are praying for Logan and for all of us. We are so encouraged by their prayer support.

Thank you to those of you who have sent cards and gifts our way to help with the medical bills that are enormous. We appreciate your kind generosity and may God bless you for letting Him work through you to supply our needs - as He promised to do.

Daddy and Logan working on painting a model car sent to Logan in an awesome care package from Monte and Connie Stetler and their children. Thanks, Stetlers!

Check out the tongue - that always seems to help when you're working hard.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Logan's biopsy was successful today. A very preliminary pathology report is encouraging, but the final results won't be in for a few days. We'll keep you posted.

We brought Logan home about 5:30 this evening. Outside of a couple bouts with nose bleeding and looking pale, he's doing ok.

We enjoyed a delicious lasagna supper with the Stetlers, prepared for us by Fain and Regina Morley and their family. Thank you, Morleys!

Thanks for praying for us today.

The Biopsy

The biopsy of the inflamed tissue behind Logan's eye is scheduled for this morning. We're leaving in a few minutes to take him in. This will be an outpatient procedure, if all goes well, and he should come home this afternoon. It is taking place at Doctors Hospital at Renaissance. There is risk involved with this procedure because of the sensitive area in which the doctors are working. It will be about a week before we know definitive answers from this biopsy today.

Please know that we would appreciate your continued prayers for Logan today.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Slight Schedule Change

So fun to get mail - this one's a letter from cousin Ryland

As it goes with doctors, hospitals, and schedules, we have a slight change in the schedule. Logan had another CT scan done today with VTI imaging, with and without contrast. This was done on the most high-tech machine in the Valley, allowing the biopsy process, if needed, to be exactly precise.

We are to bring Logan in to see both his specialists tomorrow afternoon, at which time we'll discuss the findings of the CT and plan the next step.

I do not say this as a "diagnosis" in any way, just as a mom reporting what she sees. When Logan's eye should be increasingly bulging and ready to "pop", it's not happening. It is not worsening - not at all. He has been off the steroids for a week which normally causes his eye to approach emergency status. His eye is prominent, but not bulging as before.

I cannot know what the doctors will say tomorrow afternoon, nor what the biopsy may reveal. All I know is that we are summoning every bit of strength to remain calm, to trust in God, to hope for the best, to take care of our little boy, and to walk the path that, for whatever reason, He has spread before us. I know that God's people are praying and as my mother reminded me just a couple days ago, "God never turns a deaf ear." I know He is working out His purpose.

I also know that the prayer of a righteous person avails much - right now your prayers are, among other things, chasing away the enemy, the fear, and the uncertainty and bringing us hope. Keep praying, please.

Melodie and Marc

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Home Again

Logan was released from the hospital this evening with his peripheral IV in place. I will give the next 2 infusions of Vancomycin through this IV. Then we have to take him to have his 3rd PICC line put in tomorrow at the Children's Hospital.

Logan is scheduled for a biopsy of the inflamed tissue behind his eye on Tuesday at yet another hospital here in the Valley. We are monitoring him closely for the next few days off the steroids to see what happens with his eye.

Please continue to pray for him - and thank you again for your love and concern for our family.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rough Day

Logan had a rough day yesterday. He was very nauseated and vomiting most of the day. He had a PICC line inserted that had to be immediately removed because it burst. I cannot tell you how scary that was, for all of us. The PICC line is supposed to be re-inserted by a doctor we know and trust on Thursday.

Another opthmalogist has been called in to consult on Logan's case. The ENTs cannot figure out exactly why the eye is swelling and bulging again. He was put back on steroids last night and already the eye has receded some back into orbit, and looks better. It has begun to give him quite a bit of pain when it bulges.

As of now, he's still in the hospital and will be until the next step is decided. Please keep praying for him.

Thank you so much for all of your comments on my blog. I have been so encouraged this morning as I have had a few minutes to read them. Also the emails and phone calls to let us know you're praying.


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Night Update

Here's the Sunday Night Update:

Logan is doing ok, aside from some fluid collection in his eye cavity that we've struggled with for the past day or so. Apparently the very thin bone which separates the eye from the facial cavity has been somewhat eroded by the intense infection; consequently this allows seepage of fluid into the eye area, especially when he is lying down, sleeping, etc. He had quite a painful evening yesterday, but has done better today, letting gravity keep the area clear. He has had several doses of pain medicine to help him with the discomfort (which I learned he was keeping from me, afraid that something was wrong again - poor baby). The fluid has seeped out throughout the day and he is looking and feeling better. No more lying flat until that bone has a chance to grow back again. He should get his PICC line reinserted tomorrow for at least 6 more weeks of Vancomycin and will probably be released to come home on Tuesday.

Our new "home" on the language school campus is very nice. We have now lived in Apartments 19, 14 and 16 on this campus. I am so very thankful that it worked out for us to live here during the next few weeks. Beth and Maria helped me yesterday, arranging things, making beds, setting up housekeeping, etc. In order to live here, we had to be employees or students. Marc decided to redo a couple second semester classes in the Language School, to secure this housing for his family. It will keep him current in Spanish as a side benefit.

Oh yeah. Another exciting first! Marc translated for John Parker this morning at our church in Soledad. It was his first time to translate from English to Spanish - much harder! I wasn't there, but Beth said he did a great job - I'm so proud of him! Special prayer was made for Logan at the end of the service there at Soledad. I got to hear some of a clip of the prayer time. To hear the fervency of the people praying was so uplifting to me. Thank you so very much to all of you who have contacted us to know special prayer has been made in Logan's behalf. I cannot tell you what a lift to our spirits that is!

Marc is at the hospital with Logan tonight - I'm going to try to get some sleep in a real bed. Not sitting up in a chair.


Friday, January 4, 2008

Post - Op Logan

Here's my little guy, looking kinda rough. This was the first pain he's felt throughout this ordeal - made me feel so bad. The incision that was made inside the inner part of the eye socket was hurting him. But although last night was full of "sticks" (as he says) - blood being drawn to measure antibiotic levels - he had a good day today and outside of a puffy eye, he looks great.

The ID specialist confirmed the treatment course - a minimum of 6 weeks IV antibiotics, administered through a PICC line that will be reinserted on Monday. Then we'll reevaluate and see how the infection is responding. Weekly follow-up in her office is also part of the plan.

The ENTs/surgeons are happy with how Logan looks today - they expect his eye to be puffy for up to a week as the operation site heals. If all goes well, Logan may be able to go home from the hospital on Monday afternoon.

I am so thankful for the wonderful, compassionate, and skilled team of doctors and nurses to whom God has led us.

I am also so thankful for the hundreds of family and friends who have contacted us to let us know they're praying. I believe I can say that we feel every prayer. God is just pouring out His strength and grace on us right now - in the middle of our concern, we feel a deep peace that we are completely in the center of His will, and held securely in the palm of His hand.

We are thankful that "Uncle" John Parker has come down to be with us during this time. He has been such a support and a pastor to us when we have needed it. Check out this huge fruit and candy basket he provided for us!

So thankful, too, for our loving family, the Stetlers, who have supported and held us up, filling in the gaps with hours of childcare, meals, listening ears, prayers, love, afternoons spent at the hospital playing games with Logan, and so much more.

Talking to Cousin Lane on the phone

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Update on Logan

Dear Family and Friends,

First, this is Marc. Melodie is at the hospital with Logan and does not want to leave him. So I am taking her usual place at the keyboard writing this update.

Logan came through surgery well today. The surgeons are confident that they have sufficiently "opened him up" so that he will not collect infection or fluid in and around his eye anymore. On a more sobering note, he has officially been diagnosed with MRSA, hence the 3 month battle with this infection. The Infectious Disease docter came in prior to surgery and indicated that Logan might be placed back on long term antibiotics again through a PICC line.

She even went so far as to suggets we look for long-term housing options here on the border while Logan is battling this infection. Hopefully, we will know more later on today or tomorrow when she speaks with us again.

She is going to consult with the ENT's who performed the surgery to get their perspective before deciding on a course of action for our little boy. We have never faced anything quite like this long and draining ordeal and there is really no clear hope that it will end soon but the words of the Apostle Paul came to my mind just a minute ago: "We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed, perplexed but not in despair, persecuted but not forsaken, cast down but not destroyed."

I know you all have faithfully prayed for Logan and all of us. Words cannot not adequately express our sincere and profound thanks and love we have for each of you.



Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Waiting on the Doctors

Logan's eye is much improved from the procedure on Monday - almost no swelling around his eye, the orbit is back in place and is not protruding as before. The removal of the fluid that was there along with the steroids are doing their job.

We are still waiting on the doctors to come in this evening and tell us whether more surgery is recommended, per the CT scan results from yesterday.

We are so thankful for your prayers for us.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Very Different New Year

During the Christmas holiday, Logan developed more complications with his left eye. His eye began to bulge and be offset, resulting in a second surgery yesterday - this time at the Rio Grande Regional Hospital in McAllen, TX. Some fluid was removed from behind and beside his eye, but the results are inconclusive. There wasn't enough fluid present to cause this type of problem. Logan is on IV antibiotics again and steroids, to reduce swelling in the area. A detailed CT scan will be done today and other doctors will be conferring as to what is causing Logan's eye to do this. Please help us pray that God's will would be done in this situation and that He would give us strength to trust His plan.

Marc and Melodie