Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Very Different New Year

During the Christmas holiday, Logan developed more complications with his left eye. His eye began to bulge and be offset, resulting in a second surgery yesterday - this time at the Rio Grande Regional Hospital in McAllen, TX. Some fluid was removed from behind and beside his eye, but the results are inconclusive. There wasn't enough fluid present to cause this type of problem. Logan is on IV antibiotics again and steroids, to reduce swelling in the area. A detailed CT scan will be done today and other doctors will be conferring as to what is causing Logan's eye to do this. Please help us pray that God's will would be done in this situation and that He would give us strength to trust His plan.

Marc and Melodie


Cindy said...

Praying for all of you. May you know the peace that passes understanding as you go through this trial. So good to know that He is going through it with you!

Love and prayers from Bedford.

The Holdens said...

Marc and Melodie we are praying for your family. I know this must truely be a tough time. Love the Holdens

Lavy Country said...

You are in our prayers. I hope you experience renewed strength and peace. We send our love.

steveandrebecca said...

We will be beseeching God upon your behalf with renewed intensity, not only for physical healing but that you will also receive emotional fortitude from our omnipotent, omniscient Abba Father.
Love and prayers,
Steve and Rebecca

Lori said...

Oh, my, your family has been and will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

Karen Walden said...

We heard about Logan from Anthony at Teen Trimphant last night. Sorry to hear he is back in the hospital again. We will be praying for you all!

Tim and Kristina said...

We are praying for you.

Tim and Kris

Bev said...

You are in my prayers. All things work together for good to them that love God, to those who are called according to his purpose. I truly believe that. And remember, You have a Heavenly Father above, and he is not too busy to care about you.

Bev Warning(Holloway)

Tamra said...

We are trusting God for a miracle for Logan.
I overheard Bryson asking his cousins yesterday if they knew you. Wow! He certainly hasn't forgotten you - neither has God. What wonderful assurance! We will continue to pray for you all.