Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Waiting on the Doctors

Logan's eye is much improved from the procedure on Monday - almost no swelling around his eye, the orbit is back in place and is not protruding as before. The removal of the fluid that was there along with the steroids are doing their job.

We are still waiting on the doctors to come in this evening and tell us whether more surgery is recommended, per the CT scan results from yesterday.

We are so thankful for your prayers for us.



Janella said...

We have been praying much!! Tell Logan that we love him! Melodie I am praying for you with my mommy heart, love you, Janella

Angie Davis said...

Frankfort prayed for Logan tonight too. Be encouraged!

Nate said...

Please know that you all are in our thoughts and prayers. We love you so much and know God will take care of you. Thank you for taking the time to keep us posted.
Randy, Michele and Nate

~Heather~ said...

Well, I have been checking your blog to see when you would post a new post...meaning (to me) that you were probably home from your Holiday family gatherings. (Glad that y'all got to go home for Christmas!!) However, I was VERY SAD tonight when I saw that you had posted 2 new posts...but about Logan having trouble with his eye again. I don't know how much more ya'll can handle!! We will be praying!!! Hoping that God will intervene right away for Logan and y'all!! SOOOO SORRY for this 2nd bout with his eye!!

Love, Heather and family! =)

Missy said...

i am so sorry that you guys are going through this. chin up, sister. i am proud of you! can't wait to see you again. love...

hugs to everyone!!