Tuesday, October 30, 2007

And now we're admitted.....

Logan has just been admitted to the Children's Hospital from the Emergency Room tonight about 9 pm. A second reading of a CT scan done on him earlier in the afternoon shows a forming abscess in the sinus under/beside his bad eye - the left one. This can do nothing but make the situation/periorbital cellulitis worse, so the doctor wants to admit him for IV antibiotics and observation. We don't know how long he'll be in the hospital yet - probably at least a couple days.

Marc is with him tonight - he chose Dad to stay overnight instead of Mom - go figure! He's in room 358 of the Children's Hospital in Edinburg, TX. Beth and Steve have had our other boys all day long (and taking turns overnight) - thank you SO much!

Thank you again for your prayers and love. This has been a pretty overwhelming day, but we do know God is in control...He knows what He's doing - we just need His strength and peace during this time.


The yellow shirt pictures are from his ER visit on Sunday. Red shirt pics are today.

Tuesday Morning

Family and Friends,
Sad to say, Logan is no better at all this morning - as much swelling, gunk, inflammation as ever around his eye. Steve, Beth, Marc and I talked last night about what to do today. I'm so glad that they're here for us.
Marc has to go over to Mexico this morning to take care of Missions business that has to be done at this time of the month. That will take him most of the morning. When he gets back, more than likely, we'll be taking Logan back to the ER. This time, I'm sure they'll be more aggressive and I would imagine he'll be admitted.
Logan's really not excited about this - neither am I, but something is wrong and we have to do whatever to fix it.
We'll keep you posted as to what's going on. Thanks for praying for Logan.

(I have taken some pics of him at various stages of this saga, but I left the cord that connects the camera to the computer at home in Mexico...bummer)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Updates on Logan

Saturday morning update:

After realizing that his eye was no better after 5 days of strong antibiotics (in fact worse when we all got up yesterday morning) and talking to Mom Sankey (nurse practicioner) and praying about it, we felt it best to make the trip out to the Valley yesterday (we crossed the border about 11 pm last night) and take him to the Edinburg Children's Hospital this morning as early as reasonably possible.

This issue has gone on for 3 weeks yesterday, his eye is no better, if anything even worse through the trip yesterday - he's miserable.

Sunday night update on Logan:

We spent about 5 hours today with Logan in the Edinburg Children's Hospital ER. The pediatrician there did confirm the diagnosis of periorbital cellulitis, inflammation in the tissue around the eye. He drew blood for labs, prescribed IV antibiotics, and a round of oral antibiotics, Augmentin, that we are to follow up with. Logan was brave although he wasn't too happy about the IV (neither was I). We are to monitor him closely for the next 48 hours. If there is no improvement or any worsening, we are to bring him back to the ER. I believe I see a tiny bit of improvement in the swelling tonight, but maybe that's wishful thinking.

So we'll be staying here in the Valley for several days to monitor him and we'll have to make the decision of whether to correct his vision/get him glasses, here or in Mexico. We know an optometrist here in the Valley, that we have used for Jordan.

We've had a good time visiting with Beth, Steve, and Kent tonight - they've really been an encouragement to us. Thanks so much for the delicious chicken quesadillas and for just being there for us - we love you!

Thanks to all of you who've called, emailed, etc. to let us know you're praying for Logan. It means so much to us. We'll keep you updated.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Logan's Military Hospital Experience

I have to share this "missionary" story with you - it was quite the experience for us and thought you might enjoy it. This took place this past Monday when Marc's parents were still with us.

This is as was told to Beth, my sister in law.

Logan has had an eye issue for more than 2 weeks now. It started out with swelling, tearing, etc...I assumed we were dealing with pink eye. I emailed Mom about what to do. On her advice, we went to a pharmacy here and purchased eye drops and ointment to use. After 5-6 days of no improvement, we stopped using it. Collette (Burch)gave me some different medicine that she had. I began using that (some of this was while Marc was gone to the board meeting in the States). Seemed to help initially but after a couple days it was obvious, there was no improvement. Swelling, gunk, some itching, etc. was no better. I decided when Mom got here she'd be able to look at it, diagnose, prescribe treatment and all would be fine. She arrived, we went to the pharmacy and bought what she would prescribe in the States (pretty cheaply) and we were all sure this would clear it right up.

Convention begins, I have no time to do anything, much less monitor a kid with a fat eye. Anyway, after 3 days, again obvious there was no improvement. So we decide even though we'd planned to go to San Miguel on Monday that it would be better, since Marc was leaving on Tuesday, that we take him to a doctor on Monday.

Collette referred us to a great eye doctor in Irapuato - we called for an appointment - she was in Spain until the end of Noviembre. OK - so we found an opthamologist in the Salamanca phone book. Marc, Mom, Logan and I go downtown and ask to see the doctor. She only comes in on Thursdays. Can she recommend someone? Yes, there are good eye doctors/opthamologists in Irapuato. She gave us 2 names and phone numbers.

On the way to Irapuato, we put water in our engine which was overheating: another story. Anyway, Marc called the first name on the list and talked to the doctor himself: M.C. Agustin Perez Centeno. He said I'm at the Hospital M..??? Marc couldn't make out what hospital but we figured we'd just ask. The doc said he'd be waiting on us.

As we're coming into Irapuato, we pass the Military Hospital. Marc says, "That's what he said: Hospital Militar!". We go around the glorieta and pull up to the entrance of the hospital.
(oh, and on the way, Logan has a massive nose bleed...lol)

Marc says to the guard: I need to see Doctor Perez Centeno. The guard says he's here but you can't park inside the gates because your vehicle is from the States. He tells us where to park and we come back through the gates, walking this time. The guard is very kind, he says just go in the main entrance of the hospital, talk to the receptionist and they'll direct you from there. Here we go - quite the spectacle: 4 gringos, passing armed guards, etc. up to the entrance. We walk in, and are met with fully decorated military personnel - no little receptionist behind a desk. They say kindly "How can we help you?" Marc shows them the paper with the doctor's name and says we are here to see this doctor and he's waiting on us.

The sergeant turns to one of his loyal minions and says "escort these people to his office." We are very ceremoniously led past a waiting room full of people to the doctor's office, handed off a couple times to the next waiting officer. We stand in the office about 30 seconds when in walks the doctor. He greets us and makes sure we have places to sit. He proceeds to get Logan's name, we make a few comments and he begins to examine Logan.

Completely unbeknownst to me, the child cannot see. He can only read the Large E on the eye chart. The doctor says you have 2 problems. #1 - he needs glasses. He puts in a drop of some stuff, shines a light which turns the whole eyeball blue to check for corneal scratches. He washes out the affected eye with solution and gives us problem #2: he has cellulitis in the tissue around his eye. Mom told him that I thought it started with an insect bite near his eye and he agreed that that was the cause. Logan apparently scratched the bite and infection spread into his eye.

He prescribed a very agressive treatment plan: 4 different medicines at all hours of the day: an antibiotic, Tempra for inflammation, drops every 3 hours and ointment at night. I told Mom when we get home you're going to have to explain all this to me - she assured me she would.

He wants to see Logan on the 2nd of November: to reevaluate and to examine and prescribe for glasses. We are to visit him in his office in Irapuato, not in the military hospital since he has frames, lenses etc. there.

At the end of this, Marc says what do we owe? He shrugs and says "$300 pesos". Marc takes it out of his pocket, gives it to him, he puts it in his pocket, transaction done. No more ceremony than that.

We are thanked and escorted back to the entrance and out of the hospital. We buy the medicines in the pharmacy in Salamanca and I am now putting in drops or giving medicine every time I turn around. I do think I am seeing some improvement. The doctor said it would take time since the cellulitis had advanced. He also prescribed little exercise, no sharing pillows, sunglasses when outside, no touching or rubbing of the eye etc....

I am so thankful Mom was here to help us - she was proud of us, said we'd spread our wings that day and had done fine. I don't know about that but it certainly was quite the experience.

I did not get any pictures of this experience - my camera was at home and I'm not sure how they would have liked me taking pictures inside their military establishment anyway.

Please help us pray that this treatment clears up the problem - Logan is more than a little tired of it!

Link to the Convention

Several people have asked so here's the link to hear Marc preach at the Missionary Convention - I should have thought to post it earlier. But you can still hear him tonight at 7 pm if you're interested at www.holinessonline.com - no video, just audio.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Missionary Convention

Marc accompanied his parents to the Leon airport this morning at 5 am and they all flew out for Indiana: they, to return home and he, to speak for the Missionary Convention at Union Bible College. He is speaking probably at this very moment, and is scheduled to speak tomorrow and Thursday nights as well. He'll be flying home Friday morning.

I would so love to be present to hear him preach his first Missionary Convention, but that's not possible. I'm there with him in my heart.

Marc, the boys and I love you and we're praying for you this week. Hurry home!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

An Amazing Weekend

My title says it fairly well....it's been an amazing weekend. The Central Mexico IHC finished on a great note tonight, and although we're all very tired, at the same time we're all so thankful for how the Lord helped us during this convention. For sure, this is a new venture here in Salamanca, but with wonderful cooperation from so many brothers and sisters from places near and far, it went so very well.

I'm not going to try to recount the events/services as they happened, just to post pictures with descriptions to give you a feel for what took place.

Thank you all for praying - and most of all, thank you, Lord, for meeting with us.
Preparing for the first service: Philip Burch, Marc, Dad, Jim Plank
Philip Burch, leading the first service
Special Singers, Angel and Memo, from Saltillo

Altar Service

Pastor Santiago Hernandez, sharing his experience with Guillan-Barre Syndrome and God's miraculous touch on his body.

Jim Plank and Philip Burch, preaching

Convention Crowd

Cameron having fun with Pastor Refugio's daughter, Marissa

Institute President, Eli Balderas, sharing an update on the Bible Institute

Group Photo of Pastors

Marie and I serving some cakes I made for dessert after one of the noon meals: chocolate and carrot cake.

Some Grandpa/Grandson time with Jordan.

Dad preaching

Marc talking with our good friend, Jose Correa

Jose Correa, giving the Sunday morning Bible Study

Burches, Planks, and 2 sets of Sankeys

My wonderful in-laws, Leonard and Janet Sankey

Jordan hanging out with his friends

Wonderful kitchen workers serving the noon meal of carnitas and beans

Pastors waiting on that great food

I hope you've enjoyed these photos. Have a good week, everyone!

Friday, October 19, 2007

IHC is underway

This promises to be another very full day now that the Central Mexico IHC is underway but I want to take a few minutes this morning to update you on what's happening here.

First of all, my husband arrived back home safely after his States trip with Dolores Hernandez to attend the Missions Board Meeting. The Lord helped Marc translate in the board meetings on Monday, as well the 2 services they attended on Sunday. He arrived home Tuesday night, very tired. I was so glad to have him back.

On Wednesday evening, we welcomed my inlaws, Leonard and Janet Sankey. We picked them up at the airport, we were hungry and you know where we took them - to eat tacos! We were joined by the Planks and the Burches.

Last night was the first night of the IHC and what a wonderful service we had! The Lord's presence was there throughout the songs, testimonies, and then my father-in-law preached a great message to "kick things off". I'm constantly amazed at his Spanish. What he has retained from so many years ago is just amazing. And my mother in law, too...after the service she's talking to people, interacting....it's just wonderful to have them here in our home and in the IHC.
Of course, Grandma brought LOTS of great things for the boys (and for Marc and me): clothes, shoes, candy, books, and much more! Thanks!
Today's a full day as I mentioned at the top - thank you for praying for our family and for the Convention this week. Many of our Bible Methodist pastors and people are still arriving from different places in Mexico. We're excited to be with them again!
More pics later when Blogger will cooperate.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pretty Cool Connection

The boys and I enjoyed a very special thing tonight - we saw our husband and father from thousands of miles away! He and Bro. Dolores Hernandez attended the evening service at our church in Franklin, Ohio tonight and I watched and listened to him speak, translate from Spanish to English for Bro. Dolores, sing in Spanish and English - and guess what he said first? "Hi, honey!" - he knew I was planning to log in. So sweet, huh? Yes!!

He's staying in the home of our good friends, Shane and Tamra Craycraft - I'm kinda jealous...would love to be seeing them right now.

I would like to ask prayer for him and for Bro. Dolores tomorrow afternoon as they attend and participate in the Bible Methodist Missions Board Meeting in Findlay, OH. This is a first - to invite the Mexican Bible Methodist leadership (National President) to participate in the state-side board meeting. Marc will of course be not only addressing the board as Superintendent but also translating so Bro. Dolores can address the board and be part of the discussions, etc. For a first year missionary learning a foreign language, this is a tall order! Right, missionaries?

He'll be returning home Tuesday evening, in time to welcome his parents on Wednesday evening and the IHC begins on Thursday evening. We are so excited about the special events of this week! But......If there ever were a week when our family needs extra strength, it's this one. We would appreciate your prayers.

Let me leave you with a pretty awesome (at least I think so) picture of Logan and a couple Mexican buddies, Irving and Josias. They're great friends!

Hope your week is blessed!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Visiting Cuchicuato

I love this pic of Missy and all the kids in front of our house.

On the second Sunday night of Missy and Gerald's visit, we all went out to visit our Bible Methodist church in the village of Cuchicuato. The pastor and people there are so precious - we always enjoy when we can go for a service and love taking family/visitors with us.

Marc preached in the service and did a great job. It's cool to hear your husband preach in 2 different languages. Anyway, I was called on to stand and pray for the offering (again, Beth!!) and I stammered through. Bro. Jose Cruz sang a special song, playing his guitar and it was hauntingly beautiful. Hard to explain unless you were there.

After church, Missy and I handed out over 100 of our homemade chocolate chip cookies to the people there - they loved them! I've done this a couple times before and you'd think I was handing out gold nuggets.
The people just LOVED Caden - he's not shy and let them all hold him and make over him.

I got to meet Graciela, Bro. Jose's wife and their children for the first time. They used to pastor the Bible Meth. Church in Oaxaca City and are now assisting in the Cuchicuato church. She was so precious and their children are just adorable.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Eating Tacos al Pastor

Here we are eating those famous tacos al pastor - Gerald and Missy also liked the quesadillas de pollo (chicken quesadillas). We ate at this restaurant twice while they were here - that's how much they liked it. This time we were enjoying it with Philip Burch and a visiting preacher, Hermano Saul.

Of course Caden was just the star of the show....everyone was watching him, smiling at him, etc. and he was loving the attention!

Monday, October 8, 2007

It's Monday

Well, it's Monday again. I know most people dislike Mondays, but I love them. A new start to a new week - Monday's encourage me to make my to-do list (which I'm rarely without), straighten up the house, light some candles, and get on with it....I know...sounds a little strange.

This week will be full of preparations for the coming Central Mexico IHC next Thursday - Sunday. We will be continuing work at the HIM building, plus getting ready to receive guests - from the US and from all over Mexico. We know many of our Bible Methodist pastors and people are planning to attend, and we're so excited to get to be with them again. Also, to meet new ones that are also making their plans to attend.

Marc and our Bible Meth. National President Dolores Hernandez will be flying into Indianapolis this Saturday, attending a couple of our churches on Sunday, and be participating in the Missions Board Meeting on Monday. It is so exciting to be able to take Bro. Dolores "up north". I'm sure Marc will bring back pics of this trip that I can post.

Then my in-laws, Leonard and Janet Sankey are arriving on Wednesday, the 17th - yay! My boys are so excited (and so are we) My father in law is one of the special speakers for the Convention, as well as James Plank from Pennsylvania. His wife, Marie and children are accompanying him. We can't wait to see our good friends again.

So as you can see, a busy week, well 2 weeks actually - but full of wonderful things.

I want to take a couple posts this week to share some photos of my sister Missy and family when they came to visit recently.

Getting ready to board the bus in Reynosa, MX for Salamanca

Braxton playing with our boys' friend, Jose

Caden getting his first haircut on my kitchen counter

Friday, October 5, 2007

Gifts, gifts and more gifts

What a blessed missionary family we are!
We have recently been happy recipients of 2 wonderful care packages sent from 2 of our Heartland Bible Methodist churches: Port Clinton and Salem.
When Pastor Fourman came to participate in the work project here in Salamanca, he brought our family a care package from the dear people in Port Clinton: wristwatches for the boys, books for Marc and I, and more...Thank you so much, Deron and Kim and the people at Port Clinton!

Then this afternoon, our family opened a HUGE box of gifts from the Salem Bible Methodist Church. Thanks to Missionary President Leah we knew this was on the way, but we never dreamed to this magnitude....as you can see from the photo, there are so many special things that they're too numerous to mention. As you can also see, we have 3 happy boys!

Thank you, Sis. Leah, and the wonderful people at Salem for blessing us with these gifts.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Days 8 - 10

These were very full and very busy days....lots of people coming and going, lots of workers present to lend a hand, lots of meals to be served - most of all, lots of progress being made on the project - thank you to everyone!
My sister, Missy, has been a tremendous help to me, with preparing and serving meals, cleaning, organizing, and much more. Besides all that, we've had a great time together. I am so blessed to have her here this week.

We're leaving in the morning to make the long trek back to the border so Missy and Gerald can fly home to Ohio on Wednesday morning. We'll be able to pick up our mail, do some business, then head back home in a couple days.
A few more photos to share:
Beautiful new tile in the student lounge/ library area

Bro. Craig and Philip, discussing very important matters (I'm sure)

And what would we have done without the back-breaking work that 2 of our Bible Methodist pastors have done - here are Bro. Sanchez and Bro. Jose, taking a break.

There is more work to be done, but we are so grateful to all those who took time to come and help us for these past 2 weeks - may God bless you for your contribution to His work here in Salamanca, Gto, Mexico!

The Sankeys