Monday, October 1, 2007

Days 8 - 10

These were very full and very busy days....lots of people coming and going, lots of workers present to lend a hand, lots of meals to be served - most of all, lots of progress being made on the project - thank you to everyone!
My sister, Missy, has been a tremendous help to me, with preparing and serving meals, cleaning, organizing, and much more. Besides all that, we've had a great time together. I am so blessed to have her here this week.

We're leaving in the morning to make the long trek back to the border so Missy and Gerald can fly home to Ohio on Wednesday morning. We'll be able to pick up our mail, do some business, then head back home in a couple days.
A few more photos to share:
Beautiful new tile in the student lounge/ library area

Bro. Craig and Philip, discussing very important matters (I'm sure)

And what would we have done without the back-breaking work that 2 of our Bible Methodist pastors have done - here are Bro. Sanchez and Bro. Jose, taking a break.

There is more work to be done, but we are so grateful to all those who took time to come and help us for these past 2 weeks - may God bless you for your contribution to His work here in Salamanca, Gto, Mexico!

The Sankeys


Vonnie said...

Really looks nice!! I'm so glad you had a good response!! Love you all!!

Lori said...

So glad a lot was accomplished, sounds like you had some great workers! My Dad was the best, I'm sure, ha ha!

Springer Family said...

Great pictures! I can't wait to see it all!! Jonathan & I were noticing all the boxes of tile! Smiles!!

AIM said...

Wow. It`s looking really nice. I hope you all put Bro. Dykes to work while he was up there. Keep up the good work. We are praying for you all. God Bless.

~Heather~ said...

Wow! Things are looking good, praise the Lord for the things that got accomplished! So glad that your family got to come and visit too.

Praying for y'all, and Thanks for your congrats on our baby #4, we're very excited!

Love, Heather

Tamra said...

The tile looks great. Looks like professionals did the work! So glad your sister and her family could be there to help and visit.