Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pretty Cool Connection

The boys and I enjoyed a very special thing tonight - we saw our husband and father from thousands of miles away! He and Bro. Dolores Hernandez attended the evening service at our church in Franklin, Ohio tonight and I watched and listened to him speak, translate from Spanish to English for Bro. Dolores, sing in Spanish and English - and guess what he said first? "Hi, honey!" - he knew I was planning to log in. So sweet, huh? Yes!!

He's staying in the home of our good friends, Shane and Tamra Craycraft - I'm kinda jealous...would love to be seeing them right now.

I would like to ask prayer for him and for Bro. Dolores tomorrow afternoon as they attend and participate in the Bible Methodist Missions Board Meeting in Findlay, OH. This is a first - to invite the Mexican Bible Methodist leadership (National President) to participate in the state-side board meeting. Marc will of course be not only addressing the board as Superintendent but also translating so Bro. Dolores can address the board and be part of the discussions, etc. For a first year missionary learning a foreign language, this is a tall order! Right, missionaries?

He'll be returning home Tuesday evening, in time to welcome his parents on Wednesday evening and the IHC begins on Thursday evening. We are so excited about the special events of this week! But......If there ever were a week when our family needs extra strength, it's this one. We would appreciate your prayers.

Let me leave you with a pretty awesome (at least I think so) picture of Logan and a couple Mexican buddies, Irving and Josias. They're great friends!

Hope your week is blessed!


Vonnie said...

We will be praying for you all!! Neat that you could hear and see Marc in his service!

Springer Family said...

That's so cool. :-)

The Millard Family said...

I just love technology! It makes us closer

Heather said...

I missed you and Wish you could have been at church last night too! They sang so beautifully!Marc even held Kade for a few minutes. Miss ya bunches!

Janet Sankey said...

That is so wonderful. We will meet Marc tonight at the airport and give him a royal sendoff and then go home and pack our bags to head south on Weds. morning. Can't wait. Picture of the little boys is so absolutely adorable. Thanks. Love you, Mom

Rebekah said...

Technology is wonderful to make home seem a "little" closer!!!

My mom and dad wanted me to say hello to you all in return!!! Have a great week with all the happenings!!

Janella said...

Missed seeing Marc at church:( You guys are soooo busy!!! I love being able to keep up with you through the blog! Love the pic of Logan and friends! I hope you have a great time with Marc's parents! Miss you! Love, Janella
I'm praying for you too:)

~Heather~ said...

So nice that you could see your husband and hear him preach. I will be praying for him and y'all!
And your upcoming IHC.

I wish I knew how to connect to Franklin, Oh church services. Since I'm at home very nauseated and tired from morning sickness with our precious 4th baby, I have tried to log on to their services, and have tried all 3 links, but my computer always tells that this link is not available. =(

Take care,
Love, Heather =)

Anonymous said...

Cool red, white, and blue picture of Logan and his friends. ~Crystal

Tamra said...

Love the pic of Logan with his friends. It was SO nice to have Marc and Dolores here. Missed you terribly, but at least we got to chat!