Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Eating Tacos al Pastor

Here we are eating those famous tacos al pastor - Gerald and Missy also liked the quesadillas de pollo (chicken quesadillas). We ate at this restaurant twice while they were here - that's how much they liked it. This time we were enjoying it with Philip Burch and a visiting preacher, Hermano Saul.

Of course Caden was just the star of the show....everyone was watching him, smiling at him, etc. and he was loving the attention!


Springer Family said...

Those have to be the best qudsadillas de pollo I've ever eatin'!!! Gotta find time to eat some more next week!!! :-)

Vonnie said...

That blonde hair will catch the attention of all the dark haired people in Mexico!! Can't wait to taste tacos al pastor.

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

Melodie, You and your family were at our church in Hobe Sound for camp meeting. I really enjoyed your ministry to us. My husband and I came to HS to put our girls through the academy. We are so enjoying the warm sunny weather. I added you to my reader and you are welcome to visit my blog as well. I love to keep in touch and to see how the Lord is leading and directing in other's lives. He is such a wonderful Savior to me. Please check out my page. God bless and keep you as you labor for Him. Gale Wheatcraft

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