Monday, October 8, 2007

It's Monday

Well, it's Monday again. I know most people dislike Mondays, but I love them. A new start to a new week - Monday's encourage me to make my to-do list (which I'm rarely without), straighten up the house, light some candles, and get on with it....I know...sounds a little strange.

This week will be full of preparations for the coming Central Mexico IHC next Thursday - Sunday. We will be continuing work at the HIM building, plus getting ready to receive guests - from the US and from all over Mexico. We know many of our Bible Methodist pastors and people are planning to attend, and we're so excited to get to be with them again. Also, to meet new ones that are also making their plans to attend.

Marc and our Bible Meth. National President Dolores Hernandez will be flying into Indianapolis this Saturday, attending a couple of our churches on Sunday, and be participating in the Missions Board Meeting on Monday. It is so exciting to be able to take Bro. Dolores "up north". I'm sure Marc will bring back pics of this trip that I can post.

Then my in-laws, Leonard and Janet Sankey are arriving on Wednesday, the 17th - yay! My boys are so excited (and so are we) My father in law is one of the special speakers for the Convention, as well as James Plank from Pennsylvania. His wife, Marie and children are accompanying him. We can't wait to see our good friends again.

So as you can see, a busy week, well 2 weeks actually - but full of wonderful things.

I want to take a couple posts this week to share some photos of my sister Missy and family when they came to visit recently.

Getting ready to board the bus in Reynosa, MX for Salamanca

Braxton playing with our boys' friend, Jose

Caden getting his first haircut on my kitchen counter


Your favorite bro-in-law said...

If I would have thought you would have posted it, I would have been glad to have gotten my haircut on your counter while we were there! haha

I am sure you had a great time with Missy and Gerald and boys!

Springer Family said...

Hey! I know what you mean about Mondays. I feel the same way these days. After Sunday, I feel rested (most of the time) and am ready to tackle the week! God was so good to give us a day 'off'!! Have a great week!

The Holdens said...

Never a dull moment on the Sankey guys are doing a great job!! We miss you all!

Vonnie said...

You are so busy!! Try to take it easy and not burn out. :) Wish I could come to the Mexico IHC!!!