Sunday, October 21, 2007

An Amazing Weekend

My title says it fairly's been an amazing weekend. The Central Mexico IHC finished on a great note tonight, and although we're all very tired, at the same time we're all so thankful for how the Lord helped us during this convention. For sure, this is a new venture here in Salamanca, but with wonderful cooperation from so many brothers and sisters from places near and far, it went so very well.

I'm not going to try to recount the events/services as they happened, just to post pictures with descriptions to give you a feel for what took place.

Thank you all for praying - and most of all, thank you, Lord, for meeting with us.
Preparing for the first service: Philip Burch, Marc, Dad, Jim Plank
Philip Burch, leading the first service
Special Singers, Angel and Memo, from Saltillo

Altar Service

Pastor Santiago Hernandez, sharing his experience with Guillan-Barre Syndrome and God's miraculous touch on his body.

Jim Plank and Philip Burch, preaching

Convention Crowd

Cameron having fun with Pastor Refugio's daughter, Marissa

Institute President, Eli Balderas, sharing an update on the Bible Institute

Group Photo of Pastors

Marie and I serving some cakes I made for dessert after one of the noon meals: chocolate and carrot cake.

Some Grandpa/Grandson time with Jordan.

Dad preaching

Marc talking with our good friend, Jose Correa

Jose Correa, giving the Sunday morning Bible Study

Burches, Planks, and 2 sets of Sankeys

My wonderful in-laws, Leonard and Janet Sankey

Jordan hanging out with his friends

Wonderful kitchen workers serving the noon meal of carnitas and beans

Pastors waiting on that great food

I hope you've enjoyed these photos. Have a good week, everyone!


tim said...


Springer Family said...

I almost wanted to cry when I saw these...I wanted to be there so bad. I was thinking about ya'll all weekend.

Stephanie said...

Enjoyed the photos - we were praying for you guys especially this week!

The Millard Family said...

I always love lots of photos. It the next best thing to being there! Thanks

The Millard Family said...

Always love to see lots of photos. Its the next best things to being there.

Beth Stetler said...

Wow! Awesome!

Myranda said...

Love the pics. Thanks so much for sharing them.

How are you? I hope good. Hope you get some rest now that it is over.

I love you!

Missy said...

All of the pictures were wonderful. I am happy to hear that the IHC went so good. It look like you were having fun with Marie. I am very proud of you. You are doing a great work there. I am even more proud of you after being in your world for a little while. You are a wonderful, special person and I am glad that you are my sister. Love you so much...Missy

Heather said...

I did enjoy the pictures!! I really liked the one of Cameron playing with that little girl. I am glad you had a good week!

Steve Hight said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. I, too, am glad that IHC went well.

May we have our pastor back now?


Tamra said...

What an official-looking bunch of guys in that first photo! :) So glad the convention went well.

Nancy said...

I really enjoyed seeing all your pictures. So interesting!

Vonnie said...

Such great pictures!! So glad you had good services. Sounds like you had a great time... and the food looks delicioso!!!