Sunday, October 28, 2007

Updates on Logan

Saturday morning update:

After realizing that his eye was no better after 5 days of strong antibiotics (in fact worse when we all got up yesterday morning) and talking to Mom Sankey (nurse practicioner) and praying about it, we felt it best to make the trip out to the Valley yesterday (we crossed the border about 11 pm last night) and take him to the Edinburg Children's Hospital this morning as early as reasonably possible.

This issue has gone on for 3 weeks yesterday, his eye is no better, if anything even worse through the trip yesterday - he's miserable.

Sunday night update on Logan:

We spent about 5 hours today with Logan in the Edinburg Children's Hospital ER. The pediatrician there did confirm the diagnosis of periorbital cellulitis, inflammation in the tissue around the eye. He drew blood for labs, prescribed IV antibiotics, and a round of oral antibiotics, Augmentin, that we are to follow up with. Logan was brave although he wasn't too happy about the IV (neither was I). We are to monitor him closely for the next 48 hours. If there is no improvement or any worsening, we are to bring him back to the ER. I believe I see a tiny bit of improvement in the swelling tonight, but maybe that's wishful thinking.

So we'll be staying here in the Valley for several days to monitor him and we'll have to make the decision of whether to correct his vision/get him glasses, here or in Mexico. We know an optometrist here in the Valley, that we have used for Jordan.

We've had a good time visiting with Beth, Steve, and Kent tonight - they've really been an encouragement to us. Thanks so much for the delicious chicken quesadillas and for just being there for us - we love you!

Thanks to all of you who've called, emailed, etc. to let us know you're praying for Logan. It means so much to us. We'll keep you updated.



Vonnie said...

I'm so sorry for sweet Logan. We are praying he gets better really soon!!

Springer Family said...

Hey! We'll be praying for him. If there is anything you need, call me & I'll do whatever I can.

Michele said...

We will continue to keep Logan and you all in our prayers! We love you!
Randy, Michele and Nate

Myranda said...

Bless his heart - hopefully it really is better today. I sent you an email asking about him this morning - just wondered how he was.

The Millard Family said...

Thank the Lord you all are doing better. Tell Logan Daniel feels for him. He just went through taking medicine and a little poking!

Lavy Country said...

You have been in our thoughts and prayers. I hope he gets better real soon.
Love, wl.

Valorie said...


I am just trying to send you some hugs through cyberspace. You have had a lot going on, girl. I know Jesus is with you, and Logan is going to come through this fine. Will be praying for you and Marc as you decide about further treatment. Love ya.

steveandrebecca said...

You all are in our thoughts and prayers - it is not easy to watch our children suffer - we suffer more! Just remember, God is in control of those who have given him control!!!
Love you and hope to see you in the not to distant future!
Steve and Rebecca