Tuesday, May 25, 2010

GBS Campmeeting 2010/SCCA Graduation

Marc was one of the evangelists for God's Bible School Campmeeting this year. We really enjoyed being on the campus and fellowshipping with everyone. The Lord helped Marc preach and the responsive, seeking hearts of the students were a blessing to see.

We went to Frisch's with the Craycrafts...Cameron and Jillian having fun.

Our niece Maria and her boyfriend Joe sang a beautiful special during one morning service.

We were able to drive over to Bedford, IN on Friday night to attend the SCCA Graduation Ceremony for our nephew Kent and my cousin Kenny.

My awesome cousin Kenny Stetler....Grandaddy and Granny would have been so proud of you, Kenny!

( I think I was trying to dodge his tassel...hence the crooked neck)

Then on Saturday morning, it was back to GBS for the graduation ceremony there.

We enjoyed getting to see our missions intern from last summer, Brennan Muir, graduate. He was/is such a blessing to our family!

The Cravens twins and Joe Hough sang "Beyond the Open Door" - beautiful!

I managed to get Joe just as he turned his tassel. :-)

Of course, during the week we had to fit in our favorite place to eat - Skyline!

We listened to this band play in the park one day....certainly interesting, I'll say that!

Marc preaching in one of the services.

My wonderful friend Tamra and I after just stuffing ourselves at Montgomery Inn Boathouse.

We enjoyed hearing the College Choir sing again at GBS.

Also very special was getting to see/hear Dr. Wingrove Taylor preach his last message as an evangelist for God's Bible School Campmeeting. His ministry has become an annointed tradition at GBS.

Mother's Day 2010

This Mother's Day was the first in a long time that we were able to be with one of our moms. So thankful for that privilege this year.

Jordan, Logan and I with my cards and gifts for Mother's Day.

Cameron was sick with a fever and didn't feel like pictures. I am so blessed to be mom to 3 great boys!

I also got to be with my sister, Marci, on Mother's Day.

Marc and his sweet mother...

Marc also got to be with his Grandmother Ferguson, who had been very sick just prior to this time. She is doing better now, although still very weak.

She loved Marc reading the Bible to her.

Weekend meeting in Salem, OH

My parents and their church invited our family to sing and preach a weekend meeting in early May. We so much enjoyed being there with their wonderful people and also spending time with my family. We always have such a good time: lots of laughter, fun and games...and don't forget - delicious food!

Bro. Mayle had Cameron help him light the candles before each service. Cameron loved it!

My sweet niece Jazmine..

The weekend just flew by, even though we stayed an extra day...my parents and sister Missy and family waving goodbye as we headed back to Indiana.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weaver Family Summer Ministry in Mexico

Introducing our newest Bible Methodist Missions Short Term Missionaries - my sister and family - Nathan Weaver Family.

We invite you to take a moment to visit this link, read about their plans for the summer and consider a love offering to help them meet their support goal! If you would like more information, feel free to email them at the5weavers@sbcglobal.net Thank you!

~Marc and Melodie

"We are following God's call to donate a month of our summer to minister with Bible Methodist Missions in Mexico. We will be involved with various construction/remodeling projects; also ladies ministry/evangelism efforts.

We are currently raising funds to be able to cover our expenses for this family ministry. If you would like to contribute towards our goal of $5,500, please contact us at the5weavers@sbcglobal.net.

Thank you!"

~ Nathan and Myranda

Weekend after IHC

The weekend after IHC we were privileged to spend a couple days with some very good friends.
Thanks, Shane and Tamra, for opening your home to us again . We had so much fun being with you!

We also had fun eating out with our wonderful friends, Brian and Janella Snelling.

Tamra put on a delicious spread on Sunday for lunch...her beautiful layered salad must not have been on the table yet.

On the way out of town, we stopped at the gravesite of our dear friend, Randy Loper, who's now enjoying Heaven. Our hearts are sad to lose him but we'll see him again one day!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

VIP Day at GBS

How did it happen that I have a son old enough to attend VIP Day? Actually he's only in 9th grade, but we wanted to "take advantage" of the opportunity for him to attend and participate since we rarely are in the States.

Jordan and I had a great time. Thanks to my wonderful sis in law, Vonnie, for letting me tag along with her and to Dustin Muir for allowing Jordan to stay overnight with him.

The beautiful campus of God's Bible School. 3 generations in our family have attended GBS; when Jordan goes he'll be a 4th generation "GBS-er".

President Avery introducing the faculty members to the prospective students.

Jordan had fun hanging out at lunch with his friends.

We were served a delicious banquet that evening - and enjoyed a wonderful and fun program put on by GBS staff and students.

Our niece, Maria and her boyfriend, Joe were our servers at the banquet - they did an awesome job!

Jordan loved hanging out with his friend, Caleb.

IHC 2010

Getting to attend IHC this year was just wonderful....

Of course, we stopped to enjoy Skyline along the way to Dayton!

We enjoyed singing with my sister Marci and her husband Anthony in the Tuesday night service.

Congratulating Mom and Dad Sankey on 50 years of marriage this year!

The Lord helped Marc preach a wonderful message on Wednesday night.

I enjoyed time with my sweet little niece, Jazmine...she's just adorable!

Another niece, Jada, coloring during service - with the expert help of Uncle Bill Sankey. He looks like he's enjoying it, doesn't he? so sweet....

The Mass Choir was truly amazing and annointed in their music ministry on Thursday evening.

My parents, sisters and family....all of us!

Here's Mama and all us girls....Daddy always said he lived in a "girls dorm".