Saturday, May 1, 2010

VIP Day at GBS

How did it happen that I have a son old enough to attend VIP Day? Actually he's only in 9th grade, but we wanted to "take advantage" of the opportunity for him to attend and participate since we rarely are in the States.

Jordan and I had a great time. Thanks to my wonderful sis in law, Vonnie, for letting me tag along with her and to Dustin Muir for allowing Jordan to stay overnight with him.

The beautiful campus of God's Bible School. 3 generations in our family have attended GBS; when Jordan goes he'll be a 4th generation "GBS-er".

President Avery introducing the faculty members to the prospective students.

Jordan had fun hanging out at lunch with his friends.

We were served a delicious banquet that evening - and enjoyed a wonderful and fun program put on by GBS staff and students.

Our niece, Maria and her boyfriend, Joe were our servers at the banquet - they did an awesome job!

Jordan loved hanging out with his friend, Caleb.


Candlelight said...

He stayed the night with Dustin?! Okay that is awesome and scary at the same time. LOL!!!! Dustin is alot of fun.I'm sure he had ALOT of fun staying with him.Though hopefully he didn't rub off too much on him.One Dustin is enough. LOL!!!!

The Dickinsons said...

Melodie, I enjoyed catching up on your blog and seeing all the fun pics from IHC, Skyline, GBS, etc. You look really nice in your braces! I hope you are having a great day! =)