Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy Grandparents Day

Happy Grandparents Day....a day late. My boys are so blessed with wonderful grandparents, because Marc and I have such great parents! Here's a photo of all of us taken last fall at the Language School Campus.

"We did tell our grandparents Happy Grandparents Day yesterday but my mom is just getting around to posting about it today. We love you, Papaw and Grandma Sankey and Papaw and Mamoo Miller!" - Jordan, Cameron, and Logan
Yesterday was a sad day in a way for me - it was the first Grandparents Day that I have not had a living grandparent. My Grandpa Miller passed away in the month of May, making the complete set of my grandparents to safely make it to their home and reward in Heaven. I miss you, Granny and Grandaddy Agan, and Grandpa and Grandma Miller but I know I'll see you in Heaven. I love you all!
Marc is blessed to still have one grandparent living: his Grandma Ferguson, and what a special lady she is! We love you, Grandma!


Karen Walden said...

What a sweet posting to your parents! (We had the same idea, I posted pics of my kids and their grandparents too!) I really enjoy your blog and reading about your work their in Mexico. Have a great day!

Springer Family said...

What a treasure that picture is!

Tamra said...

You have such great examples on both sides. What a awesome, rich heritage!

Vonnie said...

OUr children share a set of grandparents... and they are awesome. I know the other set of grandparents are awesome too. And, I am thankful that three of my grandparents are in Heaven and one is still here. She is an awesome Grandma too!!

Steve Hight said...

Dear fellow missionary --

I am to be in a missionary convention in Independence, KS, starting this coming Monday. One of my assignments is to start each day with a brief challenge that will help set a missionary tone for the students that day. On one of those mornings I would like to pray for Missionary Kids.

If you would like us to pray for your children, I would appreciate the following:

(1) A photo of each one;
(2) the name and age of each one.

If you only have a family photo, that's fine, but I would prefer individual pictures.

You do not need to send high-resolution pix, for I'll be putting them into PowerPoint and don't want to make the file too large, so I'd be making them smaller anyway.

I need your pix as soon as possible, so please send them yesterday :-) if you'd like to be included.

Thanks for your help!

Steve Hight
Evangelistic Faith Missions

(I've e-mailed this to several, but couldn't find your address!)

sankey family said...

Bro. Hight,
I would love for our boys to be included in your presentations. Also, my email is posted at the top of our blog, but that's no problem...smiles...this is fine.
I'll send you the info asap.