Monday, June 1, 2009

"I can't see 'my' mountain"

Those of you who have visited us here in Saltillo know what a breath-taking view of the mountains I have from my front windows. I was so happy that the Lord and my husband provided me a home with a mountain view. I’ve thought: “If I could just wake up and see those mountains every morning, it would keep me going..” and it has been wonderful.
But this morning I awoke and walked to the double doors and balcony off our upstairs bedroom and as is typical on a cloudy rainy day here in Saltillo, I couldn’t see “my” mountain. All I could see was white clouds and fog and drizzling rain coming down to hide my glorious view.
But, I know my mountain’s still there and when the clouds lift, it will again be there to encourage me to “lift my eyes to the hills from whence cometh my help – my help comes from the Lord.”
The devil is sending rain, clouds and fog right now; he is on a fast track to discourage me and to distort my view of God’s presence and help in my life. But I know if I keep trusting, one day soon those clouds are going to lift and my view will be undistorted again. All this because I know He’s still there – He hasn’t moved…. just like “my” mountain.

~ Melodie


Sheila said...


We used to sing a little chorus at our church...

"Behind every dark cloud
Shines the smiling face of Jesus
In all of life's trials
Look for Him, He'll be there"...

I'm sure the sun will be shining soon!

Tamra said...

Praying for you, friend...

Janella said...

Melodie, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Life takes us there sometimes but, like you said, "He" is still there. You got to listen to "I can trust Jesus"(Collingsworth) again....Love the song, it will encourage you. Love ya
praying for you