Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kenwood BMC Work and Ministry Team

We are so excited to announce the soon arrival of our GBS Missions Intern Brennan Muir on Monday, June 1, the arrival of a 9 person Work and Ministry Team from the Kenwood, OH Bible Methodist Church on June 23 and the arrival of Marc's cousin, Matt Linko from PA on the same day.
Brennan will be ministering here with us in Mexico for 6 weeks! The Kenwood Team and Matt will be here for one week and what a full week it is promising to be! Our main Work Project focus will be the complete renovation of our BM church in Santa Apolonia where Pastor Jose and his family have recently moved to pastor. Part of the Team will also be working with Pastor Dolores to complete the Saltillo Parsonage Project. Our Ministry possibilities include a medical check-up clinic, music classes, preaching/singing and more!
Please help us pray that God would supply the needed funds for the Work and Ministry Team and for His spirit upon us as we work and minister during this special week. Watch for pictures of the team and what God helps us accomplish!


Ronda said...

Hope that your "summer" ministries go great! So exciting! Enjoyed all of your recent pictures....the scrapbooking party looked like lots of fun! Such pretty ladies. :)Blessings!

~Heather~ said...

So glad that they get to come. May God give you some good days working together for His Kingdom. =)