Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Special Mother's Day

My husband and boys are so sweet to me....they bought me beautiful flowers and wrote special notes to me. I love my "men" and am so blessed by God to be a mother. What a precious privilege it is!

I remember the days of holding all 3 on my lap for Mother's Day pictures. :) Where did those days go?

Logan and I
Cameron and I

The jury's in - I have a son as tall as I am - How did this happen? :)
Jordan and I

Today in Sunday School we began a new unit of study on the life of Moses. We learned our Scripture verse in Spanish, Spanish sign language and English. :) All the kids also made Mother's Day Cards. At the end of our presentation after SS, the kids handed their special cards to their mothers with a hug. :) Check out my crowded little table - I had 11 students in that little room this morning. I had Beth's class plus mine. The sun was beating in the window and the temperature rose quickly. But all things considered, we had fun and the kids were very good.

The kids working on their Mother's Day Cards with some of my scrapbooking supplies and stickers. They're so creative!

Dariela drawing the outline of her adorable.

Marlene showing me her finished product.

It's the custom here that the men/fathers prepare and serve a special meal after church in the dining room for the mothers. Here we are seated and getting ready to eat roasted chicken, spaghetti, tortillas and salsa. For dessert: Tres Leche and Caramel Cake.
The young ladies of the church serve and take care of the kids so us moms only had to eat our fill, fellowship and laugh together - what a special time!

My wonderful friend Ana and I.

I hope each of you readers who are mothers have had a wonderful Mother's Day! Feliz Dia de las Madres!


Tamra said... do have some sweet men. Loved seeing all your photos!

Missy said...

What precious pictures!!! Jordan is so tall and slim now. He would definitely be in the "young man" category now. Don't your boys remember that their Aunt Missy has given them strict instructions to never grow up?! lol! I think they are forgeting that. lol! Much love to all of you...Lv...MM

Happy Mother's Day, sister!

Ronda said...

Sounds like your Mother's Day was very special! You sure have some handsome young men! :)

Andy said...

wow! jordan should not be that tall already.