Sunday, May 24, 2009

LABI graduates

We had such a wonderful day at the District Rally in Galeana today - I have so many pictures and details to share with you.

But to whet your appetite, let me just share this one great picture with you. After the 2nd service, Marc asked the former LABI students who were present to gather for a group picture. I think it turned out so wonderful. These are just fantastic people and wonderful friends of ours and co-laborers in ministry here in Mexico. Former LABI teachers and staff, do you recognize these faces?

We are planning to print out and frame this photo as a gift for each person in the picture. Thank the Lord for the godly influence of Latin American Bible Institute in the lives of these precious students, now raising their own families to serve God.


Linda said...

And we thank God for such missionaries who will do such loving things for their people, like printing out and framing that picture, and scrapbooking, preaching, and carrying them in their hearts! May God bless you and keep you safe, and enlarge your borders, (if you can cope with more!)

Beth Stetler said...

Great picture. Great day. Great people!