Tuesday, May 12, 2009

English Class - and an opportunity for you to get involved!

Last night we had our 2nd English class at our church here in Saltillo. Marc and I are team teaching this set of 12 classes/weeks. We have 14 students, ranging in age from 11 to adult. We are using Rosetta Stone American English Version 3 and adapting it to a classroom setting - so far it is going very well.

Kenya loves to help us set up for the class (she and her siblings are always very helpful) - move the tables and benches into the sanctuary and set up the computer and projector, etc. Last night before everyone arrived she and I were "pretending" English class...it was so cute. She actually repeated the words very well - her age is a great one to start learning!

Marlene writing English words on the board.

Probably our youngest student, Danna....doing a great job!

Pastor's wife Sylvia, taking her turn at the board to write.

I teach the core lesson each time, then Marc teaches the separate sections: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, writing, and reading. We're having fun!

Noemi writing on the board - a sentence this time.

Some of the class.... Most of our students are from our Saltillo church, but there is one girl who comes from the community and a young man who comes from another holiness church in the city.

We are attaching a minimal cost for the class, to establish the value of taking the class, generate commitment and to get back some of the cost of the Rosetta Stone Program. If you're interested in being a part of this ministry, we would love to have your involvement.
You could:
1. choose one of our students to be a pen pal - write letters/emails back and forth in English. I would be happy to help facilitate this exchange.
2. help us pray that this will be a further outreach in our church's community. We begin each class with prayer in English and will be adding English Scripture verse memorization soon.

3. collect and send any simple books in English...even children's books, also...that the students could borrow and practice reading. This would help them greatly in the practical use of what they're learning.
4. collect and send English Christian music CDs...children's CDs also...that the students could listen to and increase their listening comprehension.
5. contribute an English Bible to give to the students - this would be a special privilege for them to have their own Bible in English.
This is an exciting new door that God is opening for us - we're excited to be serving Him here in Mexico!


Heather said...

Hi melodie! Kaitlyn and Megan would love to have a pen pal. Email me with their addresses.

Peggy B. said...

I would enjoy a penpal.