Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I wish my dad Henry Miller and my father in law, Leonard Sankey a very happy Father's Day - you're wonderful and we love you both!

Also to Marc, the love of my life...Happy Father's Day! You are an amazing dad to our 3 boys. If they can be half the man you are, I'll be happy. Thank you for every sacrifice you make for them and me and for taking such good care of us. I love you.

I posted last year's picture, you could see how much the boys have grown. :-) Time is passing too quickly! We have to enjoy the moments...this

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David and Sarah Fry said...

I have been amazed at how much the boys have changed....they're growing into seriously handsome dudes!!

I have enjoyed getting caught up a little on your lives. I'm jealous and want to come so badly and help paint or take temperatures or sing songs - and eat some Tacos al pastor.

Just the other day, something came up and David mentioned again "I learned that from Marc." Over and over we are grateful as we talk about how much our time working together with you all helped and prepared us.

We also thought of you all the other day after David went into a little old bookstore in Kansas and came out the proud owner of our first Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver CD! :)

We have a litter of 9 puppies now... and we promised you one. Any way to get one across the border to you? They are double championship bloodline AKC Golden Retrievers and too cute for words.

We're anxiously waiting baby Corin's arrival any day/week now.

The girls still pray for "our missionaries." Love you!