Tuesday, June 2, 2009

District Service in Galeana

Recently we had the privilege of attending and ministering in a “culto unido” – a district rally – of the churches in the Saltillo District. These services were held Sunday before last in the mountain village of Galeana and the little community of Puerto Pastores.

Pastor Alejandro de la Rosa, his wife Irma and the wonderful people of the church welcomed all of us for the day’s activities. The churches in this district are Saltillo, San Rafael, La Boca and Galeana – all represented for a full day of services, delicious meals and fellowship. There were so many of us present that we completely overflowed the little church and had to move the pews and pulpit outside to the porch area of a nearby house.

Pastor Alejandro Cedillo from San Rafael preached a wonderful sermon in the morning, and Pastor Dolores preached the afternoon service. Marc spoke to the people in the afternoon from Ephesians 4:1-6, sharing our collective vision and passion as a missionary work here in Mexico to reach out to those around us. Steve greeted the people also.

Pastor Alejandro (Panchito) also operates 2 missions in the mountains surrounding his home and holds special services in 10 different homes as well. What a wonderful example of reaching your own culture with the Gospel!

Kent and our boys before the morning service began.

Bro. Daniel Pena leading singing.

Jordan hanging out with some of the young people.

I just love this picture...Bro. Daniel is helping Cameron with some guitar chords.

I had never met this sweet pastor's wife Irma before...I had a wonderful time visiting with her and getting to know her.

Our two accompanists...Bros. Rolando and Richie

Marc speaking to the people in the afternoon service.

Pastor Panchito singing a special song at the end of the service.

My little sweetheart Kenya just couldn't make it...she konked out. :-)

Marc talking with Bro. Rolando, children's ministry director at San Rafael.

Beautiful scenery on the way home.


Tamra said...

Enjoyed these photos, especially the one of you and Kenya. She's a sweetie!

Brenda Marquez said...

I love your blog! Thank you for sharing in such detail! I saw the pictures of Hermano Daniel and I have fond memories of visiting them in Oaxaca, traveling over the mountains with them in our vehicle, to reach San Gabriel~~hearing my Manuel and Hermano Daniel pouring their hearts out in supplication for protection from God for their families, as the fog rolled in, the roads became treacherous and we were in danger of going over the mountain side. Many times he has played for Manuel and I as we have sang in services. I love these people! Please keep the pictures and reports coming. We are praying for you~~for all of you!