Thursday, June 12, 2008

Grandma Ferguson turns 95

My husband's grandmother, Marjorie Ferguson, celebrated her 95th birthday on May 27. We had the privilege of celebrating with her this year. Grandma Ferguson is an amazing woman - still happy, still loving her family, still loving and serving God with all her heart, still interceding for the needs of her family and others....we love you, Grandma!


Verla said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Ferguson. You are looking good in the pictures that your family took.
My name is Verla Skeen. I am Mrs Zimmerman's daughter. I am sure you remember mother from Camp Gilead.
Have a good day and many more birthdays

Vonnie said...

Those are such great pictures!! I'm so glad to see grandma. I still can't get used to seeing Logan with glasses. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Grandma Ferguson. Gwen and Dwayne Newton use to be our neighbours in NC so I got to see Mrs. Ferguson every now and then when she came to visit. She looks the same as ever. Anita